Rose City 2018

Jun 8 - 9, 2018
Portland, Oregon, United States

University Place Hotel

310 SW Lincoln St

Columbia Falls Ballroom

Rose City 2018 website
Chris Brotzman, Kit Clement, and Lauren Clement
WCA Delegates
Chris Brotzman and Kit Clement
Competitor Limit
Entry Fee
$15 (United States Dollar)

Before registering, you must read the "Competitor Responsibilities" tab. This tab details the responsibilites of all competitors at this competition.

Registration period

Online registration will be open from to . Other forms of registration may be allowed (such as registration at the door). Be sure to read through all the competition details to find out.

Registration requirements

There is a $15 registration fee for the event, payable through the WCA Stripe payment system. Your registration will not be confirmed (moved from the waiting list) until payment has been completed.

There is a 130 competitor limit to the competition. Registration closes at the end of the day on June 3rd. We will grant refunds to those who let us know before June 3rd, but no refunds are granted after that date.

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June 9, 2018

University Place Hotel
Columbia Falls Ballroom
310 SW Lincoln
Portland, OR 97201

Registration Fee:
There is a $15 registration fee, payable through the WCA Stripe payment system. Your registration will not be confirmed (moved from the waiting list) until payment has been completed. Please note that even after payment, registrations need to be manually approved before appearing on the registration list.

There is a 130 competitor limit to the competition.

This competition is recognized as an official World Cube Association competition. Therefore, all competitors should be familiar with the WCA regulations. If you are new to competing, you may want to look at CubingUSA's Competitor Tutorial.

Join our facebook group to hear about competitions in the Pacific Northwest before they're announced and keep in touch with cubers in the area!

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There are multiple things a first-timer must know before competing. All newcomers must be familiar with the WCA Regulations before competing. There is a video here for the basic overview of the rules.

In addition, please read this document before coming to the competition to learn about the procedures for judging. Thanks to Olivér Perge and Niki Placskó for providing this detailed judging information document.


When you arrive, you will receive a card/nametag with personalized information detailing your events and what group you will be competing in for each event. In addition, you will also receive staffing assignments. All competitors are expected to help at this competition. For each event you sign up for, you will be assigned to help out for just one group of that event. If you do not arrive to help during your scheduled event, and there are not enough staff members, we reserve the right to disqualify you from competing.

We will provide a judging tutorial at the beginning of the day, right before the start of the 3x3x3 speedsolve event. This will allow anyone with questions about how to judge to be properly prepared when they are expected to help. We hope that this system will fairly divide up the judging of the competition and make the competition run smoothly for all.

Event Round Format Cutoff Time Limit # to next round
3x3x3 1 Average of 5 None 10:00 8
3x3x3 2 Average of 5 None 10:00
2x2x2 1 Average of 5 None 10:00 12
2x2x2 2 Average of 5 None 10:00
5x5x5 1 Best of 2 / Average of 5 2:10 5:00
7x7x7 1 Best of 1 / Mean of 3 6:30 10:00
3x3x3 Fewest Moves 1 Mean of 3 None 60:00 (80 moves)
Pyraminx 1 Best of 2 / Average of 5 0:45 2:00 12
Pyraminx 2 Average of 5 None 10:00


Time Event
8:00 Fewest Moves Attempt 1


Time Event
8:15 Fewest Moves Attempt 2
9:30 Doors Open
9:45 New Competitor Tutorial
10:00 3x3x3 Round 1
11:30 Lunch
12:15 2x2x2 Round 1
1:20 7x7x7 Combined Final
2:20 Pyraminx Combined Round 1
3:20 5x5x5 Combined Final
4:35 2x2x2 Final
4:45 Pyraminx Final
4:55 3x3x3 Final (Head-to-head)
5:45 Awards
6:00 Fewest Moves Attempt 3


NEW: If you plan on staying in the same hotel as the venue itself, you can get a Portland State discount on your rate. Just book at the link here and use the promo code "A1234" to receive the discount. Military, AAA, and AARP discounts are better than this though, so don't use this code if you qualify for one of those.


The competition will be held in the Willamette Ballroom at the University Place Hotel on Portland State University's campus.



Parking in the hotel's lot is $3 an hour, $12 a day, or $15 overnight. Many lots on the PSU campus offer a much cheaper hourly and daily rate. A map of available parking options on PSU's campus can be found here, and a list of rates for each of these locations can be found here.


If you live locally, transit may be the easiest and cheapest option for you to come to the competition. The SW Lincoln St stop on the Orange line is right in front of the venue. The venue is also quite close to the Green line, and is two stops away from the Red/Blue lines. Several bus lines also serve Portland State. Check your transit directions using the map tool above.

This competition will be sponsored by! Thanks so much to them for their continued support.

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Gift card prizes will be given out to all who place in the top 3 of each event. For 3x3x3, the third prize is $15, second prize is $25, and first prize is $35. For all other events, third prize is $5, second prize is $7, and first prize is $10. Three additional $5 gift cards will also be given out for overall performance to those who did not finish in the top 3 in any other event.