PoliMi Op3n 2018

Note: This competition is ongoing. Come back after May 26, 2018 to see the results!
May 26, 2018
Milan, Italy

Politecnico di Milano

Via Ampère 2, Milano

Building 11; Room: III.A

PoliMi Op3n 2018 website
Tommaso Raposio
WCA Delegates
Lorenzo Vigani Poli, Matteo Provasi, and Simone Cantarelli

Cubing Italy

Competitor Limit
Entry Fee
€10 (Euro)
Registration period

Online registration opened and closed .

Registration requirements

* You need to pay in advance the registration fee in order to complete your registration. No registrations will be accepted without payouts.
* Remember to check you email address for confirmation message which will be likely sent 1-2 weeks before the competition.
* If you can't participate anymore you can ask for a refund until the 14th May 2018. After that date no more refunds will be given.

* Il costo di registrazione deve essere pagato in anticipo online per poter completare il processo di registrazione. Nessuna registrazione sarà accettata senza pagamento.
* Ricordati di controllare l'indirizzo email per il messaggio di conferma di partecipazione che sarà inviato circa 1-2 settimane prima della gara.
* Se sei iscritto ma non puoi più partecipare, fino al 14 maggio puoi chiedere un rimborso totale. Dopo quella data non sarà più possible avere un rimborso.

There is a limit of 70 competitors.

Registration will close on May 22nd.
A few days before that date we'll send an email to confirm your partecipation.

Registration process:

  1. Register for the competition on the World Cube Association website;
  2. After registration you'll be able to see the button to pay the 10€ registration fee;
  3. Remember to check your email address: an email confirmation of your participation will be sent 1-2 weeks before the event.

Note: You will be considered registered only after you have paid the registration fee.


Start End Event Round Format Cutoff Time limit Competitors
9:00 11:30 Registration
9:30 10:40 Fewest Moves Final (Attempt #1) Mean of 3
10:40 11:30 3x3 One-Handed Combined First Best of 2 / Average of 5 45.00 1:30.00
11:30 12:30 3x3 First Average of 5
12:30 14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 15:10 Fewest Moves Final (Attempt #2) Mean of 3
15:10 16:00 3x3 Second Average of 5 75%
16:00 16:50 3x3 Blindfolded Final Best of 3 10:00.00 cumulative
16:50 17:10 3x3 One-Handed Final Average of 5 12
17:10 17:50 3x3 Final Average of 5 75%
17:50 19:00 Fewest Moves Final (Attempt #3) Mean of 3
19:00 19:30 Awards

Schedule might be changed until the day before the competition.