North Star Cubing Challenge 2018

Jan 27, 2018
Plymouth, Minnesota, United States

Hamel VFW

19020 Hamel Rd, Plymouth, MN 55446

Go into the Door nearest to the Parking Lot.

North Star Cubing Challenge 2018 website
Carter Kucala and Kristin Wiley
WCA Delegate
Walker Welch
Competitor Limit
Entry Fee

Please read the Important Competitor Information tab before registering.



Newer Competitors:
Be sure to read the WCA regulations before you compete so you are able to understand the rules. A basic overview can be found in this video.

All Competitors
Even though we will have a dedicated staff, there will not be enough staff to cover all the judging stations throughout the day. The new competitor tutorial at the beginning will include an explanation of judging. If you see an open judging spot, please volunteer and ask questions if you need help! If there aren't enough people in the spots for judging we will announce that we need more. If you are worried about judging, don't be! It's really fun!

Event: Rounds: Cutoff/Time Limit:
3x3 3 WCA Time Limit
5x5 1 2:15 / 3:30
3x3 Blindfolded 1 15:00 Combined Limit
Clock 2 0:45 / 2:00
Skewb 2 0:30 / 1:00
Square-1 2 0:45 / 1:30

Tentative Events: (These may be added if time permits)
* Square-1 Round 3
* 5x5 Round 2
* Skewb Round 3

Time: Event: # of Competitors Advance
8:30-9:00 Clock Round 1
9:00-9:15 New Competitor Tutorial
9:15-10:45 3x3 Round 1
10:45-11:30 Square-1 Round 1
11:30-12:30 3x3 Blindfolded/Lunch
12:30-1:30 Skewb Round 1
1:30-2:30 3x3 Round 2 36 Competitors
2:30-3:00 Square-1 Final 12 Competitors
3:00-4:00 5x5 Combined Final
4:00-4:30 Clock Final 12 Competitors
4:30-5:00 Skewb Final 12 Competitors
5:00-5:45 Buffer Time
5:45-6:00 3x3 Final 12 Competitors
6:00 Awards

The schedule is subject to change based on registration.

There will be hamburgers and hot dogs available for purchase in the side room. There are also plenty of fast food resturants within 2 miles of the venue.

We want your help to get this competition run as smoothly as possible. If you would like to staff for this competiton, click on the link below.

Perks to being on staff:
* Registration fee is waved
* Free staff lunch

You will be sent an email shortly after telling you if you are or you are not accepted on the staff. When you fill out the form, register for the competition, but don't pay. There will be directions in the email you get.

Google form:

This competition will be held in the Hamel VFW.

19020 Hamel RD,
Plymouth, MN, 55446

Enter through the doors nearest to the parking lot. There is plenty of parking just outside the building. Please do your best to clean up after yourself.