Nisei Week 2018

Aug 18, 2018
Los Angeles, California, United States

Japanese American Cultural and Community Center

244 South San Pedro Street
Nisei Week 2018 website
Cory Hayashi and Michael Young
WCA Delegate
Michael Young
Entry Fee
$10 (United States Dollar)

Online registration fee is $10; on-site registration is $20.

Registration period

Online registration opened and will close .

Registration requirements

For new competitors: please bring some form of government ID, to confirm your registration information.

Online registration is not complete until payment is received; until that point, you will be placed in a waitlist. Registrations are approved manually, and should be approved within 48 hours of payment being received; if you believe your registration has been missed, please contact the organizer at If your online registration is not finished, you will be considered an on-site registration, and will be charged accordingly. There will be no refunds.

On-site registrations: If you wish to register on-site, the entry fee will be $20 in cash. We unfortunately cannot take checks or cards. Please bring some form of government ID to confirm your registration information.

Event Round Format Cutoff Time Limit Advancing to Next Round
3x3x3 Cube 1 Average of 5 - 10:00 8(16*)
2 Average of 5 - 10:00 -
3x3x3 One-Handed** 1 Best of 2/Average of 5 0:45 2:00 -

For each event, a competitor gets 2 solves to make the cutoff time listed on the spreadsheet. If the competitor does not solve the puzzle under the desired cutoff time, he/she will not be eligible to finish the average.
If during any solve, the competitor exceeds the time limit, he/she will be stopped and the attempt will be considered a DNF.
* If time permits, we may take the top 16 into the head-to-head and final rounds of 3x3.
** If time permits, we may hold a round of one-handed after 3x3 round 1.

Time Start Time End Event
8:00 8:45 Setup
8:30 9:15 On-site Registration
8:45 11:20 3x3x3 Round 1
One-handed Combined Final*
11:30 12:15 3x3x3 Head-to-Head Competition
12:15 12:30 3x3x3 Finals
12:30 12:45 Awards Ceremony
12:45 13:00 Clean-up

Check back closer to the competition for group information!