Forest City Open 2017

Feb 11, 2017
Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Phoenix Hotel Ballroom, Forest City

Jln Forest City - Lebuhraya Tanjung Pelepas, Kampung Pok Besar, 81550, Johor, Malaysia

From the sales gallery, the Phoenix hotel is at the right wing

Forest City Open 2017 website
Hoe Zi Yang, JPearly , and Wang Junwen (王俊文)
WCA Delegate
Hoe Zi Yang

Entry Fee
RM20 (Malaysian Ringgit)

First event Rm20, RM5 for every event added. No walk-in registration allowed. Competitors limit is 150 people. For more updates and travel information, please refer to competition website.

Event Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
3x3x3 Cube Muhammad Hariz Bin Azizan 7.31 9.74 Malaysia 7.3111.6910.439.968.82
2x2x2 Cube Muhammad Ammar Aufa B. Rosman 2.52 2.94 Malaysia 2.523.392.564.042.87
4x4x4 Cube Ivan Lew Yi Wen 35.31 35.98 Malaysia 40.2236.6235.3135.6935.63
5x5x5 Cube Ivan Lew Yi Wen 1:01.58 1:08.97 Malaysia 1:06.301:08.761:11.851:25.101:01.58
3x3x3 Blindfolded Johan Hilmi Bin Nor Ashraf 1:09.15 DNF Malaysia DNF1:26.021:09.15
3x3x3 One-Handed Teh Keng Foo (郑庆富) 14.19 16.43 Malaysia 17.1018.5214.1916.5115.68
Megaminx Leow Yi Jun 1:02.34 1:07.66 Malaysia 1:12.811:02.341:10.611:07.011:05.35
Pyraminx Muhammad Syahmi 2.26 5.24 Malaysia 5.005.455.732.265.28
Skewb Luqman Hakim Bin Hairil Azli 4.56 4.75 NR Malaysia 4.585.464.564.585.08
Square-1 Ng Jian Je (方健泽) 11.98 13.03 NR Malaysia 11.9812.4712.6313.9825.98