Botosani Cube Day 2018

Sep 15, 2018
Botosani, Romania

Uvertura Mall Botosani

Calea Nationala, nr. 91, Botosani

4th floor

Botosani Cube Day 2018 website
Bogdan Grigoruţă and Mihai Căpăţinescu
WCA Delegate
Bogdan Grigoruţă

Bogdan Grigoruta

Competitor Limit
Entry Fee
€7 (Euro)

More details on:

Registration period

Online registration opened and will close .

Registration requirements

To complete your registration you have to register on the WCA website and pay online 7 Euro/Family in the PayPal Account: . Will accept first competitor who payed his registration. If you don't pay your registration online you will stay on the waiting list. If you arrive at the venue you may participate only if there are available spots and pay a 50 lei - registration fee at the venue.

Entry fee 7 Euro/Family if payed online in the PayPal Account:

Please write this text in the observations of the payment:

Entry fee

Competition's name: Botosani Cube Day 2018

Competitor's WCA ID: Write the WCA ID / First Timer

Competitor's Name: First name and family name

Competitors who payed online will get Participation Certificates and a magnet with the competition poster.
*NO REFUNDS! If the registration was payed and you decide not to participate anymore will not give the refund. The competitors have the whole responsability for their actions.


Entry fee 50 lei/Competitor if payed at venue.
There will be no certificates or magnets.
*Only if there are available spots. If the limit is reached we can't accept more competitors. See the registration requirments.