WCA Regulations - August 2023

Announced by Antonio Kam (甘浩東) on

Dear WCA Community,

The WCA Regulations Committee would like to inform you about the new version of the WCA Regulations and Guidelines, which are going into effect on August 1st, 2023.

You can review all changes in this comparison on GitHub. You can click on “Files changed” to see the complete files of the Regulation and Guidelines, where all changes and additions are marked green and removals are marked red.

Below is a summary of the major changes in the new version of the Regulations and the Guidelines.

  • 5b5f and additional Visual Guide (commit)
  • Add the WCA Scramble Accountability Policy (commit)
  • Make A7c2 more lenient (commit)
  • Change “interact” to “use” in 2i (commit)
  • Add an exception to A5a (commit)
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