WCA Documents: Updated January 1, 2013

Announced by Sébastien Auroux on

Hello all,

The World Cube Association has released a new set of documents, effective January 1, 2013. All documents can be accessed via https://www.worldcubeassociation.org/regulations/.

The WCA Regulations go into effect immediately, and govern all official competitions sanctioned by the World Cube Association. The WCA Regulations are also supplemented by the WCA Guidelines. The Regulations should be considered a complete document, but the Guidelines contain additional clarifications and explanations.

The WCA has also added another scramble program to be used for official competitions; TNoodle can also be found at the link above.

Special thanks to:
- The WCA Board (Tyson Mao, Ron van Bruchem, Tim Reynolds, and Sébastien Auroux), Independent Advisory Committee (Anders Larsson), the WCA Delegates (too many to list) and members of the community for constructive feedback and review;
- Jeremy Fleischman, the point man and lead architect of the TNoodle Official WCA Scrambler project; and lastly,
- The entire WRC committee (Clément Gallet, Lucas Garron, Sébastien Auroux, Shelley Chang, and myself) for their their tireless efforts. Each of the members of the WRC spent an inordinate amount of time collecting data, reviewing Delegate and community feedback, and debating the merits of the WCA Regulations.

Happy New Year!

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