TNoodle 1.1.0 release

Announced by Alexandre Henrique Afonso Campos on

TNoodle-WCA-1.1.0 is now available from

Main visible changes that have been made since TNoodle-WCA-1.0.1:

  • Fixed bug that triggered scrambles when opening translations
  • Fixed bug that would print deselected FMC translations
  • Add progress bar to each event
  • Fixed bug that could occur while generating PDFs with non ASCII characters
  • Fixed bug affecting TNoodle releases (this bug was responsible for we having no week phase out this time; delegates responsible for the nearest competitions were told about this in advance)
  • Logout after token expiration
  • Freeze human interaction while generating scrambles (first contribution by shzcuber)
  • Add collapsing sidebar (first contribution by JonEsparaz)
  • Skip ordered scrambles if schedule is broken instead of failing the whole process
  • Fix spaces in some messages
  • Generate only 1 empty sheet for competitions with FMC (as opposed to 1 per round, which was redundant)
  • Fix (unreported bug) that would translate incorrectly FMC sheets for some Asian languages

A complete list of all changes can be found here.

Please remember that official competitions must use the current version of the official scramble program. This is always available from:

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