TNoodle 0.13.4

Announced by Lucas Garron on

TNoodle-WCA-0.13.4 is now available from
The following changes have been made since TNoodle-WCA-0.13.3:

  • Multiple Blindfolded rounds are no longer generated with a default number of puzzles. The person generating scrambles for a competition will have to pick a sufficiently high number based on expected competitors.
  • TNoodle no longer generates extra scrambles for Fewest Moves in the JSON data for the scrambles.
  • The Fewest Moves sheet translation for Korean has been updated.
  • Event names on the legacy scramble UI now match the Regulations.
  • A "scramble group" is now called a "scramble set", to avoid confusion with competitor groups.
  • A broken favicon link in the new UI has been fixed.

Upcoming competitions should use TNoodle-WCA-0.13.4 to generate new scrambles, when possible.
However, since there are no changes that directly affect competitors since the previous version, TNoodle-WCA-0.13.3 will briefly remain an officially permitted version. (Competition scrambles for the coming week that have already been generated using TNoodle-WCA-0.13.3 can still be used.)

Please remember that official competitions must use a current version of the official scramble program. This is always available from: