Philipp Weyer wins WCA World Championship 2019, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Announced by Baiqiang Dong (董百强) on

Philipp Weyer won WCA World Championship 2019 with an average of 6.74 seconds. Sean Patrick Villanueva finished second (6.78) and Sebastian Weyer finished third (6.81).

World records: Andrew Huang‎ Skewb 0.93 (single), Max Park‎ 7x7x7 Cube 1:44.02 (single), 7x7x7 Cube 1:50.10 (average), Stanley Chapel‎ 4x4x4 Blindfolded 1:08.07 (single), 4x4x4 Blindfolded 1:21.81 (average), 5x5x5 Blindfolded 2:38.77 (single).

African records: Timothy Lawrance‎ 3x3x3 Fewest Moves 25 (single), 3x3x3 Fewest Moves 28.00 (average).

Asian records: Lim Hung‎ 3x3x3 With Feet 17.10 (single), 3x3x3 With Feet 23.29 (average), Makoto Takaoka (高岡誠)‎ Square-1 7.50 (average), Seung Hyuk Nahm (남승혁)‎ 4x4x4 Cube 19.87 (single), 4x4x4 Cube 23.57 (average), 5x5x5 Cube 45.75 (average), 5x5x5 Cube 40.66 (single), 5x5x5 Cube 44.78 (average), 6x6x6 Cube 1:24.61 (single).

Oceanian records: David Epstein‎ Square-1 8.68 (average), Tom Nelson‎ 3x3x3 Multi-Blind 29/31 57:09 (single).

European records: Amos Nordman‎ Megaminx 34.50 (average), Ciarán Beahan‎ 5x5x5 Cube 38.96 (single), 6x6x6 Cube 1:27.23 (average), Martin Vædele Egdal‎ 3x3x3 Blindfolded 21.52 (average), 3x3x3 Blindfolded 19.94 (average).

North American records: Max Hilliard‎ 3x3x3 Blindfolded 16.23 (single).

South American records: Manuel Gutman‎ 3x3x3 Blindfolded 20.81 (average), 5x5x5 Blindfolded 6:13.53 (single).