Introduction of WCA Dues System

Announced by Lauren Clement on

Dear WCA Community,

The WCA is taking large steps towards registering as a 501(c)(3) non-profit soon and part of this process requires the WCA to have a consistent revenue stream to afford monthly and annual expenses.

This year we will be introducing the WCA Dues System. This is a fee per competition, based on the number of competitors and cost of living for that country, that will be owed to the WCA. The fee is small and is intended to be integrated into the registration payments you would see at most competitions. This is so that competitors will not see a big change in registration fees once the system is introduced. The delegate(s) for the competition will be responsible for paying this fee, however organizers should be aware that this fee must be paid and should work with the delegates to make sure this cost is covered. We started a pilot in the USA and the UK in January 2018 and we will implement the system worldwide for competitions announced from March 1, 2018 onward. This will not affect registration fees for already announced competitions.

With the revenue, the WCA will be able to cover the base costs of running the WCA organization, like our website, mailbox, legal representation, and the formal reporting obligations of the WCA. This will ensure continuity of the WCA. In addition to the operational costs, we also want to invest in strategic developments, like further professionalization, worldwide availability of equipment, and spreading of our competitions to new countries and areas.
Once we are a full non-profit we will also seek cooperation with sponsors to further develop our sport, the WCA organization, and our community.

You can find the official documentation about the dues system on our website. For specific questions you may have, please reach out to the WCA using and we would be happy to answer them! Thank you for your cooperation as we begin this exciting process!

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