Gilles Roux retires as member of WCA Board

Announced by Ron van Bruchem on

Gilles Roux of France has decided to retire as a member of the WCA Board, starting November 1, 2008.

We thank Gilles for his contributions to WCA and our community.
Gilles started as a WCA Board member in October 2004. He was involved in organising and being WCA delegate in several WCA competitions. He also made great contributions to the WCA regulations and helped WCA grow all around the world.
Gilles will stay available to assist as a technical adviser of WCA.

WCA Board is working on plans for the upcoming years. These plans will include the following subjects:
- finalising the establishment of the WCA organisation, including statutes
- restructuring and extending the WCA Board
- defining the longterm goals
- extending the WCA organisation with dedicated teams to achieve our goals
- defining membership of WCA and a possible annual fee

Once the proposal for the plan is ready, we will inform you via the WCA website.
Until then the WCA Board will keep on working with the remaining three members, supported by the WCA website team (Clément Gallet, Stefan Pochmann and Bob Burton).

Happy cubing,

WCA Board
Tyson Mao, Masayuki Akimoto, Ron van Bruchem