Feliks Zemdegs wins European Rubik's Cube Championship 2016, in Prague, Czech Republic

Announced by Sébastien Auroux on

Feliks Zemdegs won the European Rubik's Cube Championship 2016 with an average of 7.07 seconds. Philipp Weyer finished second (7.88) and Mats Valk finished third (8.06).
World records: Feliks Zemdegs 5x5 Cube 49.32 (average), 3x3 one-handed 10.70 (average), 6x6 Cube 1:43.21 (average), 7x7 Cube 2:20.66 (single), 7x7 Cube 2:25.06 (average).

African records: Conor Cronin Square-1 15.39 (single), Square-1 20.44 (average), Rubik's Clock 8.15 (average), 7x7 Cube 4:37.31 (average).

Oceanian records: Feliks Zemdegs Megaminx 42.29 (single), Megaminx 44.25 (average), Megaminx 39.04 (single), Megaminx 43.02 (average), 6x6 Cube 1:38.29 (single), Jayden McNeill 3x3 with feet 54.33 (single), 3x3 with feet 59.12 (average), Square-1 9.03 (single).

European records: Antonie Paterakis 2x2 Cube 1.65 (average), Emanuel Rheinert Square-1 10.97 (average), Mats Valk Rubik's Cube 5.13 (single), Michał Pleskowicz 3x3 one-handed 11.37 (average), Sebastian Weyer 5x5 Cube 57.36 (average).

North American records: Kevin Hays 5x5 Cube 50.33 (single), 5x5 Cube 54.73 (average), 6x6 Cube 1:45.35 (average).

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