Appointment of a New WRC Leader (October 2018)

Announced by Rui Reis on

There will be an appointment of a new WCA Regulations Committee Leader, since Laura Ohrndorf recently stepped down as the Leader of the WCA Regulations Committee. We thank Laura for all her hard work leading this Committee for the past years!

Candidates are expected to fulfill their terms (24 months) and to spend at least 10 hours per week on average to work for the Committee. The qualities expected of candidates are:

  • Strong leadership skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Expert knowledge of Regulations
  • Analytical thinking
  • Excellent communication skills

The application period is opened for candidates to submit their candidacy documents until October 23rd, 2018, 23:59 UTC privately to the WCA Board (

The candidacy documents must be in PDF format, and must include:

  1. Brief personal introduction.
  2. Summary of activities done for the WCA.
  3. Ambitions as the WRC Leader of the WCA.

Candidates are additionally asked to send a copy of their applications which can be made public at the end of the application period.

The rights and duties of the WRC are copied from WCA Motion 10.2017.2 in the appendix below.

After the application period, the WCA Board will make a selection by voting and will announce the new Leader, after confirmation among sitting Senior Delegates and Committee/Team Leaders by voting, as described in Section 4 of WCA Motion 10.2017.0.

Thanks for your candidacies and support.


The WCA Regulations Committee is an Advisory Committee of the WCA with the following rights and duties:

  1. Managing the maintenance of the Regulations of the WCA, containing all regulations that must be followed in and around WCA Competitions.
    1. The Regulations should contain all clear, concise, normative rules as a proper standard for WCA Competitions.
  2. Producing and publishing new versions of the Regulations on a periodic basis, based on feedback from WCA Staff and Registered Speedcubers, their own insights, and incidents that happened during WCA Competitions. Such rights must be exercised in accordance with WCA Motion : Amendments of Regulations.
  3. Delivering interim updates of the Regulations in case of urgent changes or clerical errors.
  4. Resolving issues with the Regulations, based on feedback from the Community and from reports of WCA Competitions.
  5. Decision making on incidents that happened during WCA Competitions, based on feedback from the Community, WCA Staff, Registered Speedcubers, or reports of WCA Competitions.
  6. Decision making on the interpretation of the Regulations, if any unforeseen, uncovered, or unresolved incident happens during WCA Competitions.
  7. Advising the WCA Community on the correct application of the Regulations.
  8. Producing and publishing regular reports to all WCA Delegates, that include notable information in order to improve the overall quality of WCA Delegates, WCA Competitions, and the application of the Regulations.
  9. Advising the WCA Board of Directors on the required education of WCA Delegates and the Community.
  10. Encouraging members of the WCA Community to create and maintain translations of the Regulations, and steering the process of publishing those translations.