Appointment of a New WCA Financial Committee Leader (May 2018)

Announced by Lauren Clement on

There will be an appointment of a new WCA Committee Leader. Chris Hardwick is stepping down as the Leader of the WCA Financial Committee, and thus as the WCA Treasurer.

Chris has done a great work as the Leader of the WFC and as the Treasurer of the WCA, and we thank him for all his hard work and dedication all this time, as well as wish him the best in all his future endeavors.

Candidates are expected to fulfill their terms (24 months) and to spend at least 6 hours per week on average to work for the Committee.
The qualities expected of candidates are:
- Basic knowledge of the structure and workflow inside the WCA.
- Experience on financial matters, especially bookkeeping and tax filing.
- Proficiency in English.
- A reasonable daily availability to deploy the duties.
- Team management capabilities.

The application period is opened for candidates to submit their candidacy documents until May 8th, 2018, 23:59 UTC privately to the WCA Board (

The candidacy documents must be in PDF format, and must include:
- Brief personal introduction.
- Summary of activities done for the WCA.
- Ambitions as the WFC Leader and the Treasurer of the WCA.

The rights and duties of the WFC are copied from WCA Motion 10.2017.3 in an appendix below.

The week after the application period, the WCA Board will make a selection by voting and will announce the new Leader, after confirmation among Senior Delegates and sitting Committee/Team Leaders by voting, as described in Section 4 of WCA Motion 10.2017.0.

Thank you for your candidacies and support.


  1. The WCA Financial Committee is an Advisory Committee of the WCA with the following rights and duties: 1. Creating an annual budget proposal for the WCA. 2. Managing the finances and accounts of the WCA in accordance with the approved annual budget proposal. 3. Paying invoices and taxes that are directed to the WCA, after procuration by the WCA Board of Directors. 4. Reporting and advising on a quarterly basis to the WCA Board of Directors on the finances of the WCA. 5. Reporting on a periodic basis to external organizations on the finances of the WCA, based on all applicable legal requirements. 6. Appointing and supporting financial auditors based on all applicable legal requirements.
  2. The Leader of the WCA Financial Committee is the Treasurer of the WCA.