Applications for South American Championship 2018

Announced by Lauren Clement on

The WCA Board of Directors are looking for an organization team to host South American Championship 2018!

Please discuss with the delegates in your country whether this is something you are willing and able to pursue. Organizing a competition of this size takes a significant amount of time and effort before and during the competition.

If you are interested, then send your application documents to Pedro Santos Guimarães at The application period ends on December 31st, 2017.

Please include in your application documents at least the following information:

When would you like to hold the competition?
1.1 Number of days of the competition
1.2 Overlap with holiday periods of schools
1.3 Overlap with national holidays in the country

Where would you like to hold South America 2018 in your country?
2.1 City should be interesting to visit for foreigners with opportunities for sightseeing
2.2 Ease of international, national and local travelling
2.3 Availability of hotels/apartments with different price ranges
2.4 Venue should be able to accommodate stage, audience, tables to practice, side rooms
2.5 Technology offering like internet, video streaming, lighting, sound equipment
2.6 Number of competitors and spectators that can be hosted

What would the organization team and staff look like?
3.1 Core team members
3.2 Experience of the core team
3.3 Involvement of other parties
3.4 Quantity and quality of local volunteers (guideline is 80-120 staff)
3.5 Required support by foreign delegates

What would be the overall budget for the competition?
4.1 Cost (venue, stage, equipment, decoration, website, badges/lanyards/gift-pack, prizes)
4.2 Income (registration fees, sponsoring, local government)

Local sponsors may be Rubik partners or preferably not in puzzle business.

Here is an example document with a non-exhaustive list of topics that need to be arranged and budgeted for a large competition:

Pedro Santos Guimarães will lead the process of selecting the winning application. The Board of Directors will vote and may consult with other members of our community before voting.
If other Directors will be involved in a team that sends in an application, other members (for example senior delegates or committee leaders) will be included in the voting.

We are looking at a competition that is focused on three things:
Will our members have a great time together?
Will our members have a good opportunity to set personal times, in a fair competition where the best will win?
Will our sponsors be happy and will we do good promotion of our community?

Thank you for your cooperation in advance!

(Posted by Lauren Clement on behalf of the World Cube Association)