Amendments to the Motions Approved (September 2020)

Announced by Rui Reis on

Dear WCA Community,

After recent voting by WCA Staff Members, the proposed amendments to the Motions have been approved by a good majority. The amendment of the Motions followed Motion 13.2019.1 now called Motion 13.2020.1: Amendments of Bylaws and Motions and a summary of the included changes has been compiled below:

Motion 04.2020.1 - Board of Directors - Change WCA Staff to Voting Members.
Motion 07.2020.1 - Registered Speedcubers - Changes to match Bylaws regarding resignation of membership and current practices regarding anonymization.
Motion 08.2020.1 - Delegates - Add requirement for knowledge of WCA Policies
Motion 08.2020.2 - Trainee Delegates - Add requirement for knowledge of WCA Policies and reword tasks which they cannot do alone.
Motion 09.2020.1 - Senior Delegates - Add required approval from the Board to certain points to match current practices and clarification of regions without seniors.
Motion 10.2020.0 - Committees and Teams - Clarification regarding teams without leaders. Minor grammatical fix
Motion 10.2020.4 - Regulation Committee - Transfer of tasks which are normally handled by WQAC to the Quality Assurance Motion
Motion 10.2020.5 - Financial Committee - Add collection of dues as a responsibility of the WFC
Motion 10.2020.6 - Data Protection Committee - Minor grammatical fix
Motion 10.2020.7 - Ethics Committee - Add Registered Speedcubers as persons who must cooperate with investigations by the WEC
Motion 13.2020.1 - Amendments of Motions - Remove mention of the Bylaws to avoid contradiction with the process already outlined in the Bylaws
Motion 14.2020.1 - Amendment of Regulations - Remove arbitrary 2 week period from announcement that Regulations come into effect
Motion 16.2020.1 - Disputes - Change some “must” to “should” to match current practices
Motion 20.2020.0 - Councils - Change of submitting a message to submitting a resignation and clarification of councils without a leader