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Incident: A competitor was disqualified before their attempts

Status: Resolved

2j1a 9f5 9f5+

LLSIIIv22020 MLSWarszawa2020 PSTBilgoraj2020 PSTLLSLublin2020 TyumenCubeFest2020

Incident description and resolution:

A competitor was disqualified from a round by the WCA Delegate for not doing their judging tasks. Following Regulation 2j1a, the results should be recorded as a DNF:

2j1) If a competitor is disqualified from an event for any reason, they are not eligible for any more attempts in the event.
2j1a) The results of all remaining attempts in the event are recorded as DNF.

However, the WRC found that because the competitor was disqualified before any of their attempts, this fits the definitions of Regulation 9f5 and Guideline 9f5+:

9f5) The result of an attempt is recorded as DNS (Did Not Start) if the competitor is eligible for an attempt but declines it.
9f5+) (...). If the competitor did not qualify for an attempt (e.g. in a cutoff round), they have no result for the attempt.

Following the reasoning of BCM Arya Cubing Challenge 2019 incident (see Incident Log) and according to Guideline 9f5+, the WRC agreed that the competitor's result should be removed. The Regulations will be updated to clarify this.

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