Verona Open 2017

Sep 24, 2017
Verona, Italy

Corte Molon

Via della Diga 17, 37124 Verona
Verona Open 2017 website
CubingItaly and Giovanni Bezzetto
WCA Delegates
Lorenzo Vigani Poli, Matteo Provasi, and Simone Cantarelli


Competitor Limit
Entry Fee

There is a limit of 60 competitors.

At a certain point we'll send an email to confirm your participation; competitors who don't confirm within the date specified in that email will be deleted.
Remember to check your inbox 1-2 weeks before the competiton.

Image description Clicka qui per il sito web in italiano

Start Time End Time Event Round Format Cut-off Timelimit Competitors
09:00 09:30 Registration
09:30 10:10 2x2x2 Cube First Average of 5
10:10 10:50 Pyraminx Combined First Best of 2 / Average of 5 25 01:00
10:50 11:40 Square-1 Combined First Best of 2 / Average of 5 45 02:00
11:40 12:30 Rubik's Cube First Average of 5
12:30 13:40 Pranzo
13:40 14:20 3x3x3 Blindfolded Final Mean of 3 10 min cumulative
14:20 15:00 4x4x4 Cube Combined First Best of 2 / Average of 5 01:10 4:00
15:00 15:40 Rubik's Cube Second Average of 5 75%
15:40 15:55 Pyraminx Final Average of 5 TBD
15:55 16:10 2x2x2 Cube Final Average of 5 TBD
16:10 16:40 Square-1 Final Average of 5 TBD
16:40 17:25 3x3x3 One-Handed Combined Final Best of 2 / Average of 5 40 02:00
17:25 17:55 4x4x4 Cube Final Average of 5 TBD
17:55 18:40 Rubik's Cube Final Average of 5 TBD
18:40 Awards

Starting and ending hours are just indicative.
Schedule may change until the 24th of September.

Corte Molon

Image description
On Sundays, Lungadige Attiraglio and a short part of Via della Diga are closed to circulation. (marked in red)
To reach the location, go through Via della Diga from Via Sottomonte. (marked in green).

Competitors: 10€
Guests: free.

The competition is officially recognized by the World Cube Association, therefore competitors are required to know the WCA regulations.
All the competitors must be available to help during the competition. This means that if required, they'll have to act as judges or scramblers.
During the competition competitors will be divided into groups.