Thousand Oaks Cubing Open 2019

Mar 30, 2019
Thousand Oaks, California, United States

Thousand Oaks Community Center

2525 N Moorpark Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

In the gymnasium


Marc Choi
WCA Delegates
Adam Walker and Michael Young
Download all the competition's details as PDF here.

Welcome to Thousand Oaks' first speedcubing competition!

Thousand Oaks Cubing Open 2019 T-Shirts will be for sale (design TBD), see here for more information.
Medals go to the Top 3 Competitors per event in the Final Round.
All Proceeds will go to the Ventura County Community Foundation in light of the Borderline Shooting and the Woolsey Fire.

Main event
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Registration requirements
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Create a WCA account here if you don't have one.
If this is not your first competition, associate your WCA ID to your WCA account here.
Register for this competition here.
There is a competitor limit of 150 competitors.
The base registration fee for this competition is $20 (United States Dollar).
Registration fees won't be refunded under any circumstance.
No on the spot registrations will be accepted.

After registering, please fill out this google form.
This will allow us to plan how many shirts to purchase and what size. Thank you.

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Paul Mahvi won with an average of 8.15 seconds in the 3x3x3 Cube event. Derek Hsieh finished second (8.81) and Adam Walker finished third (9.93).

Event Name Best Average Representing Solves
3x3x3 Cube Paul Mahvi 6.97 8.15 United States 7.626.978.638.628.22
2x2x2 Cube Jack Stewart 2.08 2.81 United States 2.472.833.142.083.66
4x4x4 Cube Paul Mahvi 25.84 29.79 United States 35.5928.1828.5025.8432.69
Pyraminx Scott Weston 3.63 4.47 United States 5.323.636.364.373.71
Event Round Format Time limit Cutoff Proceed
3x3x3 Cube First round Ao5 10:00.00 Top 24 advance to next round
Second round Ao5 10:00.00 Top 12 advance to next round
Final Ao5 10:00.00
2x2x2 Cube First round Ao5 5:00.00 Top 12 advance to next round
Final Ao5 5:00.00
4x4x4 Cube Final Bo2 / Ao5 3:30.00 2 attempts to get < 1:30.00
Pyraminx First round Ao5 1:15.00 Top 12 advance to next round
Final Ao5 1:15.00

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Schedule for Saturday (March 30, 2019)

From 08:00 AM
To 08:30 AM
From 08:30 AM
To 08:45 AM
Tutorial for competitors
From 08:45 AM
To 10:20 AM
3x3x3 Cube First round
Time limit
Top 24 advance to next round
From 10:20 AM
To 11:35 AM
4x4x4 Cube Final
Bo2 / Ao5
Time limit
2 attempts to get < 1:30.00
From 11:35 AM
To 12:40 PM
Pyraminx First round
Time limit
Top 12 advance to next round
From 12:40 PM
To 01:15 PM
From 01:15 PM
To 01:30 PM
Group Picture
From 01:30 PM
To 02:55 PM
2x2x2 Cube First round
Time limit
Top 12 advance to next round
From 02:55 PM
To 03:30 PM
3x3x3 Cube Second round
Time limit
Top 12 advance to next round
From 03:30 PM
To 03:45 PM
Pyraminx Final
Time limit
From 03:45 PM
To 04:00 PM
2x2x2 Cube Final
Time limit
From 04:00 PM
To 04:15 PM
3x3x3 Cube Final
Time limit
From 04:15 PM
To 04:30 PM
From 04:30 PM
To 05:00 PM

Thank you participating in Thousand Oaks Cubing Open 2019.

In order to make this event run as smooth as possible, please familiarize yourself with the WCA Regulations.

If this is your first time competing, it may be intimidating when you first walk in. To mitigate this, please watch this video that explains the basics of a cubing competition.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q: Do I use my own cube to compete?
A: Yes, and they must comply with the WCA Regulations.

Q: Can I add or remove an event from my registration?
A: Not a problem. Send us a message through the contact form and we will gladly change the events for which you are signed up.

Q: What are cutoffs?
A: Cutoffs are times that competitors must reach within their first two solves. There are no cutoffs for the 2x2x2 and 3x3x3 events because we want to see new competitors compete without additional stress. However, for events like 4x4x4 and Pyraminx, we would like to expedite this competition as much as possible while still being fair, which is why we have these cutoffs.

Q: Can I come spectate?
A: Yes! Any friends, family members, or anyone else can spectate the event for FREE! We encourage to bring guests to show them the world of cubing.

Q: Do I have to be present for events I'm not competing in?
A: No. You only have to be at the venue for the events in which you are competing. Click the schedule tab for more information. With that said, we recommend that you arrive early to give ample time to practice before competing.

Q: How do I find results?
A: Live results will be available on during the competition. This is also where you will find information if you moved onto the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Once finalized, the results are posted on the WCA page several days after the competition finishes.

Q: What is there to do when I'm not competing?
A: There are numerous tables where people can practice and hang out with other cubers. Outside of the facility, there is a park with a basketball court, tennis court and running trail.

Q: Are there age divisions?
A: All competitors compete in the same group.

Q: Where do the proceeds of this event go?
A: All proceeds of this event will go to victims of the Borderline shooting and Woolsey Fire, two tragedies that occured within 24 hours of each other in the Thousand Oaks area. Those who are interested in donating more to the cause may do so at the donation booth.

We are proud to announce that Speedcubeshop is an official sponsor of the Thousand Oaks Cubing Open 2019.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank Starbucks for their gracious donation for this event.

Live results can be found at

T-Shirt design will be determined at a later date. There will be a $20 cost for each shirt. Only a short-sleeve T-Shirt will be available for sale. In order to try to predict how many shirts to purchase, please fill out this google form if you're interested in a competition T-Shirt.

For returning WCA competitors, we are asking that everyone help staff this event in order to make it run more efficiently. There are multiple roles as staff, such as judges, runners and scramblers. When releasing competitor groups, we will also include groups where competitors will be selected to staff. There will be a judging/running tutorial before the first round of 3x3. For those who are first time competitors and also interested in staffing, you will be given the opportunity to do so as well.

Free parking is available for all competitors. However, because there is a soccer league and Chinese school in the morning, parking may be a bit sparce. Competitors are encouraged to park anywhere in the Thousand Oaks Community Center parking spots, the Anthem Church parking spots, or Thousand Oaks High School parking spots (not shown on the map).

Groups for the Thousand Oaks Cubing Open 2019 is available via the link below.

Everyone is competiting in more than one event is required to help staff. Those who are listed in the staff table will be a judge unless otherwise specified. To learn more about the staffing process, please come to the competitor tutorial in the morning before the 3x3x3 event at 8:30 A.M.

Time limit

If you reach the time limit during your solve, the judge will stop you and your result will be DNF (see Regulation A1a4).


The result to beat to proceed to the second phase of a cutoff round (see Regulation 9g).


The format describes how to determine the ranking of competitors based on their results. The list of allowed formats per event is described in Regulation 9b. See Regulation 9f for a description of each format.

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