Quabbin Open 2016

Sep 24, 2016
Barre, Massachusetts, United States

Quabbin Regional High School

800 South Street

High school cafeteria

Quabbin Open 2016 website
Jesse Mailloux
WCA Delegate
Tim Reynolds

All proceeds from this competition will be used to supply the Quabbin Music Department with instruments to lend to students. Additionally, there will be an instrument drive during registration. If you have any used instruments sitting around, and would like to donate, please indicate so in the additional comments section of registration. It would be greatly appreciated. As a gift for the donation, anyone who donates an instrument will receive a 3x3 supplied by Cube Depot.

Event Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
Rubik's Cube Kevin Costello III 6.50 7.30 United States 8.407.107.677.136.50
2x2x2 Cube Daniel Rose-Levine 0.85 1.96 United States 2.090.853.091.931.87
4x4x4 Cube Kevin Costello III 30.95 33.31 United States 36.4633.8530.9534.7931.28
3x3x3 Blindfolded Tim Reynolds 1:47.88 2:05.96 United States 1:47.881:48.892:41.11
Pyraminx Livia Kleiner 2.69 3.64 United States 4.09DNF3.382.693.44
Skewb Daniel Rose-Levine 3.18 3.99 United States 4.423.183.465.184.10
Square-1 Daniel Rose-Levine 10.93 13.84 United States 15.5315.4811.4314.6110.93