Please Be Quiet Brisbane 2021

Apr 10, 2021
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Northside Christian College

151 Flockton St, Everton Park, QLD

Music Room 1


Speedcubing Australia

Ming Dao Ting and Speedcubing Australia
WCA Delegate
Edward Hollingdale
Download all the competition's details as PDF here.

Please note, this competition includes only blindfolded events. If you are interested in non-blindfolded events we recommend signing up to the Speedcubing Australia mailing list to be notified as new competitions are announced.

Competitors are strongly encouraged to bring a guest who is familiar with the process of judging blindfolded solving.

Additionally, 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 Blindfolded are strictly limited to 20 competitors due to space restrictions. This will be allocated on a first-come-first serve basis in order of payment.

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Main event
Registration period

Online registration opened and closed .

Registration requirements
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Create a WCA account here if you don't have one.
If this is not your first competition, associate your WCA ID to your WCA account here.
Register for this competition here.
There is a competitor limit of 30 competitors.
The base registration fee for this competition is $15 (Australian Dollar).
If your registration is cancelled before you will be refunded 100% of your registration fee.
No on the spot registrations will be accepted.


Upon registering you will receive an email stating “Your registration for Please Be Quiet Brisbane 2021 is submitted and pending approval”. This does NOT mean that you are on the registration list. Competitors will not be approved until payment has been made.

Please ensure you have paid the registration fees via Stripe on the register page. Your registration will not be processed until you have paid the registration fees. Contact the organisational team if you encounter an issue.

Waiting List:

Once the competitor limit has filled, the waiting list will be opened. New registrations will be added to a waitlist and sorted in the order of payment. Waitlisted competitors will only be accepted provided one of the accepted competitors withdraws from the competition. All competitors still on the waiting list after 4 April will be removed and provided with a full refund. You may enquire about your position on the waiting list by contacting the organisational team .

Deleting Registration/Refunds:

If you can no longer make the competition you may request a refund. To receive a full refund you must contact the organisational team by 4 April. Withdrawing enables competitors on the waiting list to attend the competition. Refunds will only be issued after this date if you are feeling unwell with COVID-19 symptoms or are awaiting a COVID test and can no longer attend the competition.

You may change the events you are registered for by contacting the organisational team by 4 April. After this date it is no longer possible to add events. It is also acceptable to not show up for any event you do not wish to compete in.

Limit for 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 Blindfolded:

These events are limited to 20 competitors only, to comply with space restrictions. These spaces will be allocated in order of payment. If the 20 person limit is exceeded and you register and pay and have 4BLD and/or 5BLD selected as events, your registration will be adjusted to remove these events and you will be added to a separate waiting list for those events. People withdrawing from the competition or those events specifically will enable those from the waiting list to be added. For the purposes of the limit the events will be treated as combined (i.e. there will be 20 competitors in the room when 4bld and 5bld are taking place - those competitors could be doing one of the events or both).

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David Pearce won with a single solve of 54.54 seconds in the 3x3x3 Blindfolded event. Chenhao Sun (孙晨皓) finished second (1:00.56) and Yinhao Ding finished third (1:25.92).

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