PLU NxN 2022

Mar 19, 2022
Tacoma, Washington, United States

Chris Knutzen Hall - Pacific Lutheran University

12180 Park Ave S, Tacoma, WA 98447

Competition tables in Knutzen Hall (Room 214) in the Anderson University Center. Extra waiting tables in Regency (203) .

Organization team
Christian Cutter
WCA Delegates
Matthew Dickman and Peter Preston
Download all the competition's details as PDF here.

This competition is recognized as an official World Cube Association competition. Therefore, all competitors must be familiar with the WCA Regulations. If you are new to competing, please refer to the Competitor Responsibilities tab. Please also be sure to review the Health and Safety tab to check additional COVID-19 requirements for this competition.

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Main event
Registration period

Online registration opened and closed .

Registration requirements
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Create a WCA account here if you don't have one.
If this is not your first competition, associate your WCA ID to your WCA account here.
Register for this competition here.
There is a competitor limit of 90 competitors.
The base registration fee for this competition is $30 (United States Dollar).
If your registration is cancelled before you will be refunded 75% of your registration fee.
Registrants on the waiting list may be accepted onto the competitor list until .
If you are a registered competitor you may change your registered events until by contacting the organization team.
No on the spot registrations will be accepted.

Your registration will not be confirmed (moved from the waiting list) until payment has been completed. Please note that even after payment, registrations need to be manually approved before appearing on the registration list.

By registering, competitors agree to the information in the Competitor Responsibilities tab. This tab details the responsibilites of all competitors at this competition. Not abiding by these responsibilities can result in disqualification.

Competitors will be accepted from the waitlist in the order that they paid.

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Matty Hiroto Inaba won with an average of 5.93 seconds in the 3x3x3 Cube event. Sameer Aggarwal finished second (6.32) and Luke Tycksen finished third (7.15).

Event Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
3x3x3 Cube Matty Hiroto Inaba 5.24 5.93 United States
4x4x4 Cube Matty Hiroto Inaba 23.93 27.47 United States 29.4828.2325.4223.9328.75
5x5x5 Cube Luke Tycksen 44.33 49.43 United States 51.8149.2550.2944.3348.76
6x6x6 Cube Matty Hiroto Inaba 1:27.13 1:37.59 United States 1:46.131:27.131:39.50
7x7x7 Cube Luke Tycksen 2:23.52 2:30.65 United States 2:32.412:36.012:23.52
3x3x3 One-Handed Sameer Aggarwal 8.30 12.11 United States 12.4113.0114.698.3010.91
Event Round Format Time limit Cutoff Proceed
3x3x3 Cube First round Ao5 10:00.00 Top 48 advance to next round
Second round Ao5 10:00.00 Top 16 advance to next round
Final Ao5 10:00.00
4x4x4 Cube Final Bo2 / Ao5 3:00.00 2 attempts to get < 1:15.00
5x5x5 Cube Final Bo2 / Ao5 4:00.00 2 attempts to get < 2:15.00
6x6x6 Cube Final Bo1 / Mo3 6:00.00 1 attempt to get < 3:30.00
7x7x7 Cube Final Bo1 / Mo3 8:00.00 1 attempt to get < 5:15.00
3x3x3 One-Handed Final Bo2 / Ao5 2:00.00 2 attempts to get < 45.00

You are viewing the schedule for the venue Anderson University Center (AUC).
The schedule is displayed in the timezone America/Los_Angeles.
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Schedule for Saturday (March 19, 2022)

From 08:00 AM
To 08:15 AM
Knutzen Hall (Room 214)
From 08:15 AM
To 08:30 AM
Tutorial for new competitors
Knutzen Hall (Room 214)
From 08:30 AM
To 10:00 AM
4x4x4 Cube Final
Knutzen Hall (Room 214)
Bo2 / Ao5
Time limit
2 attempts to get < 1:15.00
From 10:00 AM
To 11:45 AM
3x3x3 Cube First round
Knutzen Hall (Room 214)
Time limit
Top 48 advance to next round
From 11:45 AM
To 12:45 PM
3x3x3 One-Handed Final
Knutzen Hall (Room 214)
Bo2 / Ao5
Time limit
2 attempts to get < 45.00
From 12:45 PM
To 01:40 PM
Knutzen Hall (Room 214)
From 01:40 PM
To 03:10 PM
5x5x5 Cube Final
Knutzen Hall (Room 214)
Bo2 / Ao5
Time limit
2 attempts to get < 2:15.00
From 03:10 PM
To 04:10 PM
6x6x6 Cube Final
Knutzen Hall (Room 214)
Bo1 / Mo3
Time limit
1 attempt to get < 3:30.00
From 04:10 PM
To 05:10 PM
3x3x3 Cube Second round
Knutzen Hall (Room 214)
Time limit
Top 16 advance to next round
From 05:10 PM
To 06:30 PM
7x7x7 Cube Final
Knutzen Hall (Room 214)
Bo1 / Mo3
Time limit
1 attempt to get < 5:15.00
From 06:30 PM
To 06:45 PM
3x3x3 Cube Final
Knutzen Hall (Room 214)
Time limit
From 06:45 PM
To 07:15 PM
Knutzen Hall (Room 214)


When you arrive, you will receive a card/nametag with personalized information detailing your events and what group you will be competing in for each event. In addition, you will also receive staffing assignments. All competitors are expected to help at this competition. For each event you sign up for, you will be assigned to help out for just one group of that event. If you do not arrive to help during your scheduled event, and there are not enough staff members, we reserve the right to disqualify you from competing.

We will provide a judging tutorial at the beginning of the day, right before the start of the 4x4x4 speedsolve event. This will allow anyone with questions about how to judge to be properly prepared when they are expected to help. We hope that this system will fairly divide up the judging of the competition and make the competition run smoothly for all.


There are multiple things a first-timer must know before competing. All newcomers must be familiar with the WCA Regulations before competing. There is a video here for the basic overview of the rules.

In addition, please read this document before coming to the competition to learn about the procedures for judging.

Due to ongoing circumstances, the organizing team is enforcing restrictions during the competition which will impact the running of the competition. Here are the most important changes.

  1. Competitors should not attend the competition if experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or if they were exposed to someone with COVID-19. If this occurs to you, the organizers will offer the competitor a full refund.
  2. When not competing, competitors and spectators should attempt to socially distance whenever possibly by keeping 3 feet away from others. We also encourage you not to share puzzles with other competitors.
  3. Regardless of the sysem used, after every attempt, rather than the judge putting the puzzle in the cover, the competitor is asked to put the puzzle into the cover at the end of the attempt. The judge will only put in the scorecard.
  4. Officials and staff will be following special procedures to continue to lower chance of transmission of COVID-19, such as utilizing sanitizer frequently and distancing.

Additional rules may be added as deemed necessary by the organizers, the WCA Board, or local/national governments.

By registering for this competition you agree that you understand and will follow all the information listed above.

Q: Do I use my own cubes to compete?
A: YES! You are responsible for your own hardware in order to compete and to be similarly responsible for its whereabouts at the competition venue.

Q: What is the competition like?
A; Competitions like this one have a bunch of tables where cubers like us get to sit, discuss and practice our favorite thing: cubes! The actual competing with timers, mats and displays is on one side of the venue. The competing is split up into groups, so as to better organize who competes when.

Q: How do I find results?
A: Data recorders will compile and present all results at WCA Live. We will add a link here in the days leading up to the competition, and also include it in the pre-competition email.

Q: Are there age divisions?
A: Nope! All competitors compete in the same group.

Q: Can I have fun at this event?
A: ABSOLUTELY YES! Cubing is amazing, and we sincerely hope you enjoy the competition!

For any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the organizers/delegates on the General Info tab!

Location on Campus: Chris Knutzen Hall, which is found in the Anderson University Center can be found in the campus map below:
Click on the maginfying glass and search for Chris Knutzen Hall

Airport: The closest airport is Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA).

Train: Amtrak will land you in Tacoma Amtrak Station
More information can be found at

You may park in the following lots (can be found on the campus map above)
University Center
East Hauge

This competition will be sponsored by TheCubicle! They will be providing gift-card prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in every event. They will not be selling puzzles onsite.

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Gift card prizes will be given out to all who place in the top 3 of each event. For 3x3x3, the third prize is $15, second prize is $25, and first prize is $35. For all other events, third prize is $5, second prize is $7, and first prize is $10.

This competition is also supported by West Coast Cubing LLC.

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This competition is also supported by Cool Cube Merch. Throughout the competition, we will be giving out 6 gift certificates of $10, as well as be giving out a discount code for participants of the event. They can be found at

Time limit

If you reach the time limit during your solve, the judge will stop you and your result will be DNF (see Regulation A1a4).


The result to beat to proceed to the second phase of a cutoff round (see Regulation 9g).


The format describes how to determine the ranking of competitors based on their results. The list of allowed formats per event is described in Regulation 9b. See Regulation 9f for a description of each format.

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