Odd Cubing Day 2018

Feb 11, 2018
Allen, Texas, United States

Courtyard Dallas Allen at the John Q. Hammons Center

210 East Stacy Road, Allen, Texas 75002

The competition will be held on the 1st floor in the Cottonwood Ballroom (ABC).

Odd Cubing Day 2018 website
Jae Park and Jeff Park
WCA Delegate
Zachary White
openseas@me.com, openseas@gmail.com, zwhite@gt.rr.com
Competitor Limit
Entry Fee
$20 (United States Dollar)

Your registration is not complete until you have paid the $20 registration fee, so make sure to do so before the 100-person competitor limit fills up!


Your registration for this competition will not be complete until you have paid the registration fee. You will be put on a waiting list until you have paid the registration fee.

Event Rounds Cutoff Time Limit Number of competitors moving on to subsequent rounds
3x3 Cube 3 - 10:00 Round 2: Top-32, Finals: Top-12
5x5 Cube 1 2:15 3:00
7x7 Cube 1 5:00 7:00
3x3 One-Handed 1 0:45 1:30
3x3 With Feet 1 3:00 5:00
3x3 Blindfolded 3 - 15:00 Cumulative Round 2: Top-75%, Finals: Top 6
4x4 Blindfolded 1 - 60:00 Cumulative w/ 5BLD (Max 3 Attempts)
5x5 Blindfolded 1 - 60:00 Cumulative w/ 4BLD (Max 3 Attempts)

Cutoff - The time a competitor must achieve within their first 2 solves (1 solve for 7x7) in order to complete the average.
Time Limit - The time at which if an attempt exceeds this time, then the competitor will be awarded a DNF.
The Number of Competitors moving on to the subsequent rounds may change based on if the competition is ahead or behind schedule.
For 4x4 Blindfolded and 5x5 Blindfolded: These events will be held at the same time. You have a cumulative time limit of 1 hour to complete as many attempts as you wish (up to 3 attempts each of 4BLD and 5BLD).

Time Event
8:15-9:00 3x3 Blindfolded Round 1
9:00-10:00 4x4/5x5 Blindfolded Combined Final
10:00-10:15 New Competitor Tutorial
10:15-11:35 3x3 Round 1
11:35-12:05 Lunch / 3x3 Blindfolded Round 2
12:05-1:05 Lunch / 3x3 With Feet Combined Final
1:05-1:45 3x3 Round 2
1:45-2:45 5x5 Combined Final
2:45-3:30 3x3 One-Handed Combined Final
3:30-4:30 7x7 Combined Final
4:30-5:00 3x3 Blindfolded Finals
5:00-5:30 3x3 Finals
5:30-5:45 Awards / Clean-Up

We recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes before your first event. In addition, all new competitors should be present for the New Competitor Tutorial in the morning.

Please note that this schedule is subject to change, as we may hold events slightly earlier or later than shown depending on whether the competition is running ahead of schedule or behind schedule.

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CubeDepot will be sponsoring this competition!

The competition will be held on the 1st floor in the Cottonwood Ballroom (ABC).