Nipomo Spring 2018

Apr 21, 2018
Nipomo, California, United States

Dana Elementary School

920 W. Tefft St, Nipomo, CA 93444

Enter through the doors to the left of the closed gate at the front of the school.


Zac Hall

Zachary Hall
WCA Delegate
Michael Young
  • All profits from this competition go towards Zac Hall's Eagle Scout service project.
  • The cost of registration is a $10 flat fee. Payments are taken during registration. We will not be taking registrations or payments at the door.
  • Registration closes April 14th at 11:59 PM PST.
  • Spectating is free and open to the the public. Photography and videography are permitted, however there shall be NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY inside the MPR for the sake of the competitors.
  • Please provide adult supervision for children under 10 years - thanks!
Main event
Registration period

Online registration opened and closed .

Registration requirements
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There is a competitor limit of 100 competitors.
The base registration fee for this competition is $10 (United States Dollar).
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Max Park won with an average of 6.00 seconds in the 3x3x3 Cube event. Elijah Brown finished second (9.58) and Brian Nguyen finished third (9.67).

Event Name Best Average Representing Solves
3x3x3 Cube Max Park 5.50 6.00 United States 7.225.505.556.446.01
2x2x2 Cube Elijah Brown 2.84 3.31 United States 3.143.302.843.50DNF
3x3x3 One-Handed Max Park 9.62 10.16 United States 10.449.6211.0410.379.66
Pyraminx Elijah Brown 2.78 3.77 United States 3.355.092.783.594.38
Skewb Elijah Brown 3.97 5.36 United States 5.413.974.176.507.06
Event Round Format Time limit Cutoff Proceed
3x3x3 Cube First round Ao5 5:00.00 Top 24 advance to next round
Second round Ao5 5:00.00 Top 8 advance to next round
Final Ao5 5:00.00
2x2x2 Cube First round Ao5 1:30.00 Top 24 advance to next round
Second round Ao5 1:30.00 Top 8 advance to next round
Final Ao5 1:30.00
3x3x3 One-Handed First round Bo2 / Ao5 3:00.00 2 attempts to get < 1:00.00 Top 8 advance to next round
Final Ao5 3:00.00
Pyraminx First round Bo2 / Ao5 2:00.00 2 attempts to get < 1:00.00 Top 8 advance to next round
Final Ao5 2:00.00
Skewb First round Bo2 / Ao5 2:00.00 2 attempts to get < 1:00.00 Top 8 advance to next round
Final Ao5 2:00.00

This competition will occur in the MPR at Dana Elementary.
Park in the large parking lot under the shade structures and follow the signs inside.

Last updated February 21st, 2018
Note: Schedule is subject to changes and delays.

Time Event
900-1000 2x2 Round 1
1000-1045 Skewb Combined Round 1
1045-1130 Pyraminx Combined Round 1
1130-1200 OH Combined Round 1
1200-1245 Lunch
1245-1300 Pyraminx Final(Top 8)
1300-1500 3x3 Round 1
1500-1515 OH Final(Top 8)
1515-1530 Skewb Final(Top 8)
1530-1600 2x2 Round 2(Top 24)
1600-1645 3x3 Round 2(Top 24)
1645-1715 2x2 Final(Top 8)
1715-1745 3x3 Final(Top 8)
1745-1800 Awards
1800- Clean Up
Event Format Cutoff Time Limit People Advancing Competing in Finals
3x3 Avg. of 5 N/A 5:00 24 8
2x2 Avg. of 5 N/A 1:30 24 8
OH Avg. of 5 1:00 3:00 N/A 8
Pyraminx Avg. of 5 1:00 1:00 N/A 8
Skewb Avg. of 5 1:00 2:00 N/A 8


Group 1/2: Dawson Lam, Kurtis Brennan, Jack Stewart, Luis Maciel, William Li, Jeremy Aiken, Lucas Peters, Reinah Lee, Carl Michael Garcia, Shane Alliston, Josh Tiede, Yating Hu, Jacob Rosen, Avery J. Atkinson, Calix Tang, Sean Huffman, Adam Lent, William D. Li, Charlie Heffernan, Kevin Matthews
Group 3/4: Abhinav Pomalapally, Jordan Herman, Garett Best, Cyrus Claassen, Trenton Challgren-Hopkins, Scott Dodson, Kyle Hong, Jack DeBruin, Chase Lam, Elijah Brown, Michael Young, Bruce O'Brien, Adrian Cardenas, Evan Garcia, Curren Stewart, Jonny Katz, Jacob Hutchings, Jeremiah Salazar, Jesus Flores, Scott Weston
Group 5/6: Muhammad Hamza Kamran, Nathan Agan, Angad Singh, Troy Delallana, Max Park, Martin Mejia, Steven R Gabbitas, Rob Peters, Paul Motter, Arian Rezaee, Jackson Weidmann, Matias Jinoo Choi, Mateus Odom, Jerich Lee (李再圆), Jacob Moore, Jason Toth, Huxley Alexander, Colton Johnston, Brian Nguyen, Camilo Choi
Group 7/8: Brody Lynn McNabb, Brandon True, Aerich Lee, Gavin McDiarmid, William Kamiyama, Surya David Donath, Ricardo Rodriguez, Noah Carroll, Michael Gillespie, Dylan Amos, Edward Long Ho, Zachary Hall, Devon Soria, Benjamin Jackson, Alex Chow, Reed McCardle, Sonny Bustamante, Travis Machado, Faheem Arif, Derek Hsieh, Caden


Group 1/2: Adam Lent, Brandon True, Bruce O'Brien, Cyrus Claassen, Evan Garcia, Josh Tiede, Kurtis Brennan, Nathan Agan, Robbie Dunn, Surya David Donath, Jackson Weidmann, Alex Chow, Calix Tang, Dawson Lam, Faheem Arif, Jordan Herman, Lucas Peters, Noah Carroll, Sahil Dhir, Trenton Challgren-Hopkins
Group 3/4: Michael Young, Angad Singh, Carl Michael Garcia, Derek Hsieh, Garett Best, Jonny Katz, Luis Maciel, Reed McCardle, Scott Dodson, Troy Delallana, Abhinav Pomalapally, Brody Lynn McNabb, Camilo Choi, Devon Soria, Gavin McDiarmid, Jesus Flores, Martin Mejia, Reinah Lee, Scott Weston, William Kamiyama
Group 5/6: Kevin Matthews, Brian Nguyen, Charlie Heffernan, Dylan Amos, Huxley Alexander, Jeremy Aiken, Mateus Odom, Ricardo Rodriguez, Sean Huffman, William Li, Zachary Hall, Arian Rezaee, Chase Lam, Edward Long Ho, Jack Stewart, Jason Toth, Michael Gillespie, Rob Peters, Shane Alliston, Yating Hu
Group 7: Adrian Cardenas, Colton Johnston, Elijah Brown, Jacob Moore, Jacob Rosen, Muhammad Hamza Kamran, Sonny Bustamante


Group 1: Alex Chow, Bruce O'Brien, Cyrus Claassen, Faheem Arif, Jacob Moore, Jonny Katz, Kevin Matthews, Nathan Agan, Sean Huffman, William Li
Group 2: Arian Rezaee, Calix Tang, Derek Hsieh, Jack Stewart, Jason Toth, Jordan Herman, Kurtis Brennan, Noah Carroll, Trenton Challgren-Hopkins
Group 3: Charlie Heffernan, Dylan Amos, Jackson Weidmann, Jerich Lee (李再圆), Lucas Peters, Max Park, Rob Peters, Troy Delallana
Group 4: Brian Nguyen, Colton Johnston, Elijah Brown, Jacob Hutchings, Jesus Flores, Michael Young, Muhammad Hamza Kamran, Scott Weston, William D. Li


Group 1/2: Kevin Matthews, William Li, Sean Huffman, Noah Carroll, Lucas Peters, Jason Toth, Gavin McDiarmid, Camilo Choi, Bruce O'Brien, Abhinav Pomalapally, William Kamiyama, Travis Machado, Scott Weston, Nathan Agan, Kurtis Brennan, Jacob Rosen, Garett Best, Brody Lynn McNabb, Adam Lent
Group 3/4: Michael Young, Troy Delallana, Scott Dodson, Muhammad Hamza Kamran, Jordan Herman, Jacob Moore, Evan Garcia, Curren Stewart, Brandon True, Adrian Cardenas, Jackson Weidmann, Surya David Donath, Robbie Dunn, Mateus Odom, Jonny Katz, Jacob Hutchings, Elijah Brown, Charlie Heffernan, Colton Johnston, Benjamin Jackson, Alex Chow
Group 5/6: Zachary Hall, Sonny Bustamante, Ricardo Rodriguez, Martin Mejia, Jesus Flores, Jack Stewart, Edward Long-Ho, Derek Hsieh, Chase Lam, Avery J. Atkinson, Adrian Rezaee, Trenton Challgren-Hopkins, Shane Alliston, Reed McCardle, Luis Maciel, Jeremy Aiken, Huxley Alexander, Dylan Amos, Devon Soria, Arian Rezaee


Group 1/2: Jackson Weidmann, Sean Huffman, Scott Weston, Jesus Flores, Jeremy Aiken, Elijah Brown, Edward Long-Ho, Bruce O'Brien, Brody Lynn Mcnabb, Michael Young, Shane Alliston, Scott Dodson, Jonny Katz, Jason Toth, Evan Garcia, Dylan Amos, Camilo Choi, Brandon True
Group 3/4: Kevin Matthews, Trenton Challgren-Hopkins, Robbie Dunn, Muhammad Hamza Kamran, Jordan Herman, Jacob Moore, Faheem Arif, Devon Soria, Charlie Heffernan, Abhinav Pomalapally, Zachary Hall, Troy Delallana, Ricardo Rodriguez, Nathan Agan, Mateus Odom, Kurtis Brennan, Jacob Hutchings, Gavin McDiarmid, Derek Hsieh, Chase Lam, Adrian Rezaee, Adam Lent, Arian Rezaee
Group 5/6: Yating Hu, William Kamiyama, Reed McCardle, Noah Carroll, Luis Maciel, Lucas Peters, Jack Stewart, Huxley Alexander, Dawson Lam, Colton Johnston, Alex Chow

Second Round

Group 1: Odd Numbers
Group 2: Even Numbers

For live results go to CubeComps.

3x3 2x2 OH Pyraminx Skewb
1st: $35 1st: $35 1st: $35 1st: $35 1st: $35
2nd: $30 2nd: $30 2nd: $30 2nd: $30 2nd: $30
3rd: $25 3rd: $25 3rd: $25 3rd: $25 3rd: $25

Prizes sponsored by

Time limit

If you reach the time limit during your solve, the judge will stop you and your result will be DNF (see Regulation A1a4).


The result to beat to proceed to the second phase of a cutoff round (see Regulation 9g).


The format describes how to determine the ranking of competitors based on their results. The list of allowed formats per event is described in Regulation 9b. See Regulation 9f for a description of each format.

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