Greenland Open 2023

Jun 17, 2023
Nuuk, Greenland, Denmark


Kissarneqqortuunnguaq 21, 3900 Nuuk Greenland
Organization team
Clément Cherblanc and Pétur Óskarsson
WCA Delegate
Clément Cherblanc
Download all the competition's details as PDF here.

  • This is the first speedcubing competition recognized by the WCA in Greenland!
  • The competition happens on Saturday June 17th in the afternoon (13 to 16:10) but a workshop will happen on Friday 16th from 16 to 19 and Saturday from 10 to 12. Join us for a good time with other cubers, to learn new techniques and be ready for timing yourself on Saturday afternoon!
  • The competition is a fun way to time yourself and have official results recognized by the World Cube Association! You will be called to do 5 timed solves, your best time and worst times are removed and your ranking is determined by the average of the 3 remaining times! All you need is to be able to solve the cube in less than 10 minutes, we will help you with this during the workshop!

  • Kalaallit Nunaanni speedcubingimik unammineq siullerpaaq World Cube Associationimiit akuerisaq!
  • Unammineq arfininngornermi 17. juni ualikkut nal. 13-16:10 piumaarpoq, pinnginneranilu pikkorissarneq tallimanngornermi 16. juni nal. 16-19 aamma arfininngornermi 17. juni nal. 10-12 ingerlanneqassalluni. Piffissami nuannersumi peqatigisigut, allanik aamma cubertartunik peqataasoqarumaarpoq. Periusinik nutaanik ilinniarit, imminullu piffissalersornissannut arfininngorneq.
  • Unamminermi nuannersumik imminut piffissalersussaatit inerniliussallu World Cube Associationimiit akuerisaasussaassallutik. Tallimariarlutit piffissalersussaatit, pitsaanerpaaq ajornerpaarlu peerpata sinneruttut pingasut inernerisa agguaqatigiisinnera unamminermi inissitsiternermi sumiinnersutit inissikkumaarlugu. Anguniagaq tassaaginnarpoq minutsit qulit iluanni terningip naammassisinnaanngornissaa.

  • Dette er den første speedcubing konkurrence som er anerkendt af World Cube Association i Grønland!
  • Konkurrencen finder sted lørdag den 17. juni om eftermiddagen kl. 13-16:10, før konkurrencen vil der være en workshop fredag den 16. fra kl. 16-19 og lørdag fra kl. 10-12. Tag med os til en god tid sammen med andre cubers, for at lære nye teknikker og være klar til at time dig selv lørdag eftermiddag.
  • Konkurrencen er en sjov måde at time dig selv og få officielle resultater anerkendt af World Cube Association! Du vil blive kaldt til at lave 5 tidsbestemte løsninger, din bedste tid og værste tider fjernes, og din placering bestemmes af gennemsnittet af de 3 resterende gange! Det eneste du skal bruge er at kunne løse kuben på under 10 minutter, det hjælper vi dig med under workshoppen!
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Event Round Format Time limit Proceed
3x3x3 Cube First round Ao5 10:00.00 Top 75% advance to next round
Final Ao5 10:00.00
3x3x3 One-Handed Final Ao5 10:00.00

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Schedule for Saturday (June 17, 2023)

From 10:00 AM
To 12:00 PM
Workshop / Pikkorissarneq / Workshop
NUIF main room
From 12:00 PM
To 12:50 PM
Lunch / Ullup qeqqasiorneq / Frokost
NUIF main room
From 12:50 PM
To 01:10 PM
Tutorial for new competitors / Unammisussanut nutaanut atortussat / Tutorial for nye konkurrenter
NUIF main room
From 01:10 PM
To 02:40 PM
3x3x3 Cube First round
NUIF main room
Time limit
Top 75% advance to next round
From 02:40 PM
To 03:30 PM
3x3x3 One-Handed Final
NUIF main room
Time limit
From 03:30 PM
To 04:00 PM
3x3x3 Cube Final
NUIF main room
Time limit
From 04:05 PM
To 04:15 PM
Awards / Nersornaatit / Priser
NUIF main room

This competition is sponsored by Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq, by Master Cube Store and by Íslenska Kubbasamfélagið.
Unammineq ukunanit taperneqarpoq: Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq, Master Cube Store aammalu Íslenska Kubbasamfélagið.
Denne konkurrence er sponsoreret af: Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq, Master Cube Store og Íslenska Kubbasamfélagið.

Time limit

If you reach the time limit during your solve, the judge will stop you and your result will be DNF (see Regulation A1a4).


The format describes how to determine the ranking of competitors based on their results. The list of allowed formats per event is described in Regulation 9b. See Regulation 9f for a description of each format.

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