Cube Against Cancer Texas 2024

Mar 2, 2024
Houston, Texas, United States

University of Houston

4455 University Dr, Houston, TX 77204

Student Center South, Ballroom (2nd Floor)

Organization team
CubingUSA Treasurer, Derek Herrera, Justin Zhou, and Matt Lee
WCA Delegates
Derek Herrera, Matt Lee, RJ Gohn, and Seth Talbot
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This competition is participating in the official WCA Newcomer Month 2024. The registration process will prioritize new competitors for registration, with 50 spots reserved for them. If these spots do not fill, returning competitors may be accepted into these slots off of the waitlist. New competitors are considered to have no WCA ID or a WCA ID with 2024. Returning competitors are considered to have a WCA ID that is from 2023 or earlier. All competitors must still follow all registration requirements for their registration to be considered complete.

For more information, please see the WCA Newcomer Month Tab.

This competition is supported by CubingUSA.

Competitions tend to fill quickly, so we strongly recommend competitors register immediately right when registration opens to secure a spot.

  • Please review the competitor information tab before the competition.
  • Please review the other tabs for more information on the competition.

Please note that the schedule is subject to change, as we may hold events slightly earlier or later than shown depending on whether the competition is running ahead of schedule or behind schedule.

To learn more about cubing in the Southern USA, including other competitions, visit Southern Cubing.

This competition is in collaboration with local charity Ethan's Ohana. We are requesting that all competitors donate at least one 3x3 cube to be donated to children fighting cancer. See the Ethan's Ohana Tab for more info.

Main event
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Registration requirements
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There is a competitor limit of 135 competitors.
The base registration fee for this competition is $30 (United States Dollar).
If your registration is cancelled before you will be refunded 90% of your registration fee.
Registrants on the waiting list may be accepted onto the competitor list until .
If you are a registered competitor you may change your registered events until on the Register tab.
No on the spot registrations will be accepted.
Any spectator can attend for free.

There will be no refund to no-shows unless cancelled before the deadline Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 6:00 PM CST.


  • Registration is first come, first served based on the order of when payment is received. 50 Spots will be reserved for newcomers. If these spots do not fill, any returning competitors will be added in order of when payment was recieved, from the waitlist.

Deleting Registration/Refunds

  • If you register and later realize you cannot make the competiton, you can request a 90% refund (via the contact link on the General Info tab before registration closes.
  • No refunds will be awarded after Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 6:00 PM CST.

Adding/Dropping Events

  • Competitors may edit their registration to include more events BEFORE registration closes.
  • Competitors may not add events after registration closes.
  • Competitors may edit their registration to remove events. It is also acceptable to not show up for any event you do not wish to compete in.


  • If the competitor limit has been reached, the waitlist opens. You can enter the waitlist by registering and paying the fee. Competitors will be accepted from the waitlist in the order that they paid.
  • Competitors who do not make it off of the waitlist before the deadline (Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 6:00 PM CST) will receive a full refund shortly before the competition.
  • No more registrations will be accepted from the waitlist after Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 6:00 PM CST.

Please follow all instructions or else your registration may be delayed.

In 48 hours, if you do NOT see your name on the Competitor List, then please reach out to us using the contact link on the General Info tab.

If the competitor limit is filled, you may still register and pay the registration fee if you wish, but you will be placed on a waitlist. Your registration will not be accepted unless a spot opens up.

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Dylan Miller won with an average of 6.15 seconds in the 3x3x3 Cube event. Teri McAcy finished second (7.69) and Derek Herrera finished third (8.03).

Event Name Best Average Representing Solves
3x3x3 Cube Dylan Miller 5.29 6.15 United States 6.747.165.706.015.29
2x2x2 Cube Evan Smith 2.21 2.83 United States 3.742.322.212.424.52
4x4x4 Cube Teri McAcy 26.76 30.17 United States 29.0931.3234.3726.7630.10
Pyraminx Andres Rodriguez 1.76 2.31 United States 5.101.762.842.101.98

Important Links (to come soon)

Group Sheet:
Live Results:

All Competitors

  • Please try to arrive at least 30 minutes early for the events you are competing in to ensure that you are on time for that event.
  • We will use regulation 9p3 as much as we can. So if you do not arrive to compete by the time the event is starting, your spot may be given up the next competitor in the rankings.
  • To keep the competition running on time and to ensure we can keep all events we will be requiring competitors to also judge. Pay attention to the group assignment sheet - This is essential to keep the events on schedule. We also invite any parents or guests to also help to judge - thank you for your support. Please arrive to attend the New Competitor & Judges tutorial.
  • Your delegates for this competition are Matt Lee, Seth Talbot, RJ Gohn and Derek Herrera. Ask them if you have any questions throughout the day!

New Competitors

  • Please try to arrive early to watch the new competitor introduction.
  • Additionally you can watch Kit Clement's WCA Competitor Tutorial video.
  • Please be familiar with all of WCA's regulations, most importantly Article A. If you have any questions about the regulations, feel free to ask us.
  • In each event we will have rounds. We will take the top competitors into subsequent rounds. After a round is completed it will be entered into WCA Live. Your name will be highlited if you are advancing to the next round.
  • Each round will be divided into groups to help them run more efficiently. We will call the groups in order, along with a last call during the last group. Please come bring your puzzle up and wait in the competitor waiting area when your group is called. We are allowed to deny you the ability to compete if you do not come up by the last call.

Room Details: The competition will be held in the the ballroom in Student Center South on the second floor. Plenty of seating area is also available directly outside the venue.

Parking: The nearest parking can be found in the Welcome Center Garage at 4434 University Drive. Plenty of spots are available, and the venue can be found by walking across University Drive. Parking is paid.

Food: A food court with McDonalds, Panda Express, Chick-fil-A, and Mondo Subs is located in the venue.

Travel: The nearest hotel is the Hilton University of Houston located across the street from the venue. Other hotels can be found along the Gulf Freeway.

Distance to Hobby Airport (HOU) - 8.1 Miles

Distance to George Bush Intercontinental Airport - 23.8 Miles


Keep up to date about competitions and all things cubing related here!

Southern Cubing Website

Southern Cubing Facebook Group

Southern Cubing Discord (13+)

This competiton is in colaboration with local charity Ethan's Ohana.

Ethan's Ohana was founded in honor of Ethan Perry. In July of 2020, Ethan was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. He began treatment shortly after and fought every day while still attending school online. While in the hospital, Ethan recieved a cube, learned how to solve it, and started gaining speed much like the rest of us have. Unfortunately, the cancer spread and Ethan passed in March of 2021. Ethan's Ohana now recieves donations in the form of cubes, which they turn around and donate to other kids just like Ethan. We ask that you bring atleast one 3x3x3 cube to join us in this mission.

You can find more information about Ethan's Ohana on their website along with on their instagram and facebook pages @ethansohana.

New competitors registration will be accepted based on the following:
* The first 37% of spots (50 spots), as defined by the competitor limit, are reserved for new competitors.
* If greater than 37% of new competitors register, any additional new competitors will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis alongside returning competitors.
* If less than 37% of new competitors register before registration closes two weeks prior to the competition, remaining spots, up to the competitor limit, will be accepted from registered returning competitors.

Returning competitors may still register at any point during the registration period, but their registration will be accepted based on the following:

The first 37% of spots (50 spots), as defined by the competitor limit, are reserved for new competitors.
If 37% of spots are filled by new competitors, returning competitors will then be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.
If 37% of spots are not filled by new competitors by registration close two weeks prior to the competition, remaining spots, up to the competitor limit, will be accepted from registered returning competitors.
As the month of March is WCA Newcomer Month, 37% of the competitor limit will be reserved for first-time competitors or competitors who's first competition is in 2024.

KPRC2: 'Cube Against Cancer' making hospital stays more bearable for child patients*

KHOU11: Cube Against Cancer: Rubik's cube pros participate in competition for a good cause*

Time limit

If you reach the time limit during your solve, the judge will stop you and your result will be DNF (see Regulation A1a4).


The result to beat to proceed to the second phase of a cutoff round (see Regulation 9g).


The format describes how to determine the ranking of competitors based on their results. The list of allowed formats per event is described in Regulation 9b. See Regulation 9f for a description of each format.

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