WCA Regulations 2012

Lucas (2011-12-07 15:16:20 +0000)
Hello, Regulations have been stagnant for a while. In order to get things going for a 2012 revision of the regulations, Tyson has put me tentatively in charge of the new WCA Regulations Committee. The committee will be in charge of submitting a draft version of the 2012 regulations by January 2012. All of the threads created in this forum since the 2010 regulations will be taken into consideration when drafting the revision. If you have something new to say, simply continue an old thread or start a new thread with constructive arguments about how the regulations should be changed. If you would like to discuss your ideas about the regulations with a much larger (and more active) international audience, you may also want to post on the [url=http://www.speedsolving.com/forum/:3rvxvcqd]speedsolving.com forum[/url:3rvxvcqd]. (Please make sure your posts are accessible from [url=http://www.speedsolving.com/forum/showthread.php?34007-WCA-Regulations-2012:3rvxvcqd]this thread[/url:3rvxvcqd].) There are a lot of revisions to be made to the regulations, and now is the time to come to a consensus about them. So: post, and your voice will be heard. Soon. :)