[2011] Preferred format for feet

Sebastien (2011-05-09 10:33:45 +0000)
Due to the regulation the preferred format for feet solving is "Best of x". I can totally not understand this as for every other event where a mean/average format is possible, this is as well the preferred format. The only explenation I can find for this is, that feet is not liked by a lot of people. Still this is no reason to treat this event different to others while it is an official WCA event. Thus the preferred format should be changed to "Mean of 3".
Henrik (2011-05-10 06:58:21 +0000)
And an argument in favor of this change, is that 'mean of 3' was and is used as the final format at many competitions, e.g. Euro10 and DanishOpen2011, and others. So the change will not be a major change, as it is already widely accepted to use 'mean of 3'.