[2011 Ideas]: Allow QJ Timer

jbcm627 (2011-01-04 19:38:10 +0000)
Here is a review of the timer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhQlkeJv ... r_embedded Notes: * "Note the holes" in achievable times on the speedstacks timer. * QJ is cheaper * QJ has no data port
Radu (2011-01-04 21:34:02 +0000)
Apparently we should all say that's fine. As long as it also gives the same results as the Stackmats it is perfect. Unfortunately the time measurement is what's most important in speedcubing and I think something that's somehow certified is absolutely necessary. I don't know if Stackmats have a certification like this, but I guess they do. Using QJ timers may facilitate easier cheating. I admit, I might be a bit paranoid here, but I guess it's not too hard to intervene in the inner electrical parts of a QJ timer and modify it in a way or another to alter the results. Of course, one can do this also to a Stackmat. But usually the Stackmats are brought by officials, organizers, delegates who are trusted persons. QJ timers are widely available and if you use a random one from a competitor there might be doubts about the results as they are so cheap and not a too big waste to risk modifying one. Observation: I don't like Stackmat Company (or Speedstack, whatever) as they have ridiculous high prices for their products and they don't seem to support cubing in any way. Maybe it's just my impression and I might be wrong! But anyway, I still regard Stackmats as the only solution for the moment, as long as no one else comes with a certified better and cheaper timer.
MadsMohr (2011-01-05 13:04:27 +0000)
I don't like the very big difference in how long it takes for the timer to be ready. I'm used to the stackmat and I really "just knows" how long it takes for it to be ready and do not really look at the green light before starting my solve. Having different times for this would really suck. Speed Stacks are the only retailer of competition ready timers in our price range. Just check prices for IAAF certified equipment. It's very expensive but really cool stuff. Sure their products are much more expensive than they are to produce but that is how you make a profit. $20-$30 for timers isn't that expensive anyway, it's the same price as a v-cube 7 or 2-3 GuHong's.
BryanLogan (2011-01-05 14:33:12 +0000)
I was one of the people that originally suggested the timers be standardized. This was because of some very early Cube4You (I think) timers I think that were bad. The QJ's aren't as bad. But I worry what happens if the QJ ever changes. If we allowed QJ to be used, what happens when QJ comes out with another timer that behaves slightly differently. With Speedstacks you can be sure that the quality is going to remain the same.