Baltimore Spring 2010

Tyson (2010-07-13 00:51:08 +0000) ... Spring2010 After consultation with WCA delegates, and participating staff of the Baltimore Spring 2010 competition, as well as consultation with other US organizers, the WCA board has decided to declare the first solve by Shane Rowland a DNF and the FMC solve by Christopher Phillips as a DNF. There is strong evidence to suggest that the first solve by Shane Rowland was not scrambled according to WCA regulations. Investigations by other US delegates and organizers found evidence to support this theory. With regard to the FMC event, there was communication between the competitor and another competition participant during the solve, which undermines the fact that the competitor competed in the FMC event without assistance. It was unfortunately not possible to determine the content of this communication during the event as none of the organizing staff was fluent in the language being used. The WCA board recommends that organizers take special precaution to make sure puzzles are brought to the scrambling table in their solved position, and that there exists some separation between the competitor area and the scrambling table. Special care should be taken to keep track of puzzles that have been scrambled in preparation for the round so that other puzzle states are not mistaken for competition scrambles. Regards, Tyson Mao World Cube Association