Square-1 Scrambler with Images

Lucas (2009-11-29 07:25:19 +0000)
Recently, Andrew Nelson created a PHP script for drawing Square-1 sides. I modified the official scrambler to [url=http://cube.garron.us/WCA/proposals/scramble/scramble_square1_img.htm:3b957sx0]draw its scrambles[/url:3b957sx0] and announced it [url=http://www.speedsolving.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17161:3b957sx0]here[/url:3b957sx0]. Michal Gottlieb pointed out a Javascript image library to Andrew, and he created a version that we hacked into a [url=http://cube.garron.us/WCA/proposals/scramble/scramble_square1_img_js.htm:3b957sx0]javascript-only Square-1 scrambler with images[/url:3b957sx0]. This should be able to run offline (everything in a [url=http://cube.garron.us/WCA/proposals/scramble/scramble_square1_img.zip:3b957sx0]zip[/url:3b957sx0]). In addition, it can also be squished into a 40kb [url=http://cube.garron.us/WCA/proposals/scramble/scramble_square1_img_singlefile.htm:3b957sx0]single file[/url:3b957sx0]. It does not display the state of the E-slice, and because Jaap's code is not consistent with the WCA notation (it does exactly 40 moves, [i:3b957sx0]possibly trimming the last slash[/i:3b957sx0]), the right half can be off by a half-turn. Nevertheless, the actual official scrambling code is not altered. Assuming there are no significant compatibility issues, I propose that this scrambler is used until we decide on a better way to generate them.
Lucas (2009-11-29 08:31:52 +0000)
Apparently Michael Gottlieb is trying to clean up the drawing code. But whatever versions we end up with, I hope we adopt images.
blade740 (2009-11-29 08:52:06 +0000)
Michael fixed a few things (including fixing the final (0,0) to remove ambiguity) and cleaned up my code a bit. The updated version is here: http://mzrg.com/miniSites/scramblers/sq1_wca.html