Polish Open 2009

Tyson (2009-10-05 16:18:47 +0000)
Dear Respected Community, There has recently been some contention regarding a 10.07 second WR average in the 3x3x3 speedsolve competition by Tomasz Zolnowski. http://www.worldcubeassociation.org/res ... 2005ZOLN01 After reviewing the evidence and speaking to the parties involved, the WCA has reached the following conclusion: -There is no question whether or not Zolnowski's timer stoppages were intentional. The WCA finds no reason to believe the timer stoppages were intentional and in ill spirits of the competition. The WCA believes the timer stoppages were unintentional, and competitor Zolnowski conducted himself in a manner that was not compromising to the integrity of the competition. -Video evidence from the Polish Open 2009 of the world record average is not conclusive and does not provide enough evidence to say with any deductive certainty that the timers were stopped by the competitor's forearms after the solving phase had begun. The WCA acknowledges there have been faults with the timers in terms of premature stoppage of the timing process. -Tomasz Zolnowski's 10.07 average will stand as the new world record. We caution all competitors to be extremely vigilant regarding starting the solving phase while utilizing the current timers. In addition, the WCA is in the process of designing a new timer that will hopefully alleviate some of these concerns. For the upcoming world championships in Dusseldorf, Germany, timer stoppages at 0.06 seconds and greater will likely be considered accidental stoppages by the competitor as opposed to a timer malfunction, and an extra attempt will not be awarded unless there is evidence to suggest that the competitor did not contribute to the timer stoppage. The competitor may provide evidence in consultation with a board member. One such example, would be to show that the timer can be stopped with only one hand. Any concerns or questions regarding this decision may be addressed to me in person at the upcoming world championships. I would also like to hold an open forum where the community can discuss aspects for the new WCA dedicated timer. Regards, Tyson Mao