Apology from Beijing Summer 2009 Open

Tyson (2009-09-14 02:53:58 +0000)
Fellow members of our community, There was an incident of cheating during the Beijing Summer 2009 Open. A competitor was found to be turning a Pyraminx during the inspection phase. The competitor has admitted that this incident has occurred, and has written an apology. The following apology is translated by WCA Delegate Christopher Krueger. [i:16zws0qo]Respected WCA, I was a competitor in the August 16, 2009 Beijing Summer competition. During the competition, because of a mistaken thought, during the 2x2x2 and pyraminx events while the judge was looking at the stopwatch, I took advantage of the inspection time to turn the cube in order to improve my results. I now very much regret this cheating, I know doing this is wrong, so after the competition I have seriously questioned my behavior. Competitions must be fair, but my mistaken actions countered this basic principle of competition. My actions weren't fair to the other competitors, and also took away the benefits from other competitors. I didn't respect the principle that competitions must be honest, and I greatly regret it. The competition organizers and judges worked very hard, but I didn't value the hard work of others. Therefore, I write this apology to the WCA, I hope the WCA can forgive my mistake. I also want to say to the WCA, the competition organizers, and the judges, "I'm sorry, I made a mistake, please forgive my mistake. I promise from here forward I will respect the rules."[/i:16zws0qo] The WCA appreciates the competitor's prompt action and acceptance of responsibility. In light of his cooperation, the following actions will be taken: -The competitor will not be allowed to compete in any WCA events for the remainder of the 2009 year. -Results by the competitor in all events with inspection will be deleted. The WCA Board greatly appreciates the competitor's cooperation, and we are confident he will return from his suspension to compete again with honor and integrity. Respectfully, Tyson Mao
PatrickJameson (2009-09-15 00:48:17 +0000)
Is there a reason for these results being deleted as opposed to DNFed?
Bob (2009-09-15 03:08:13 +0000)
[quote="PatrickJameson":58vcnp7l]Is there a reason for these results being deleted as opposed to DNFed?[/quote:58vcnp7l] This has been fixed.