2009: Adding and Removing Events

anders (2008-11-19 19:39:08 +0000)
This thread is about [b:1hw0mo3p]the procedure[/b:1hw0mo3p] of adding or removing events from the list of official ones. There has been a lot of discussions and arguments regarding this in connection with specific events. Arguments like "you cannot use popularity to remove an event", "why suggesting an event when so few people have even attempted it", "ealier only very few did it, now it's very popular" etc are used by in various circumstances. I think that we need a general discussion, to clarify the procedure and to make it transparent. The current rules regarding this read 9e) New official events may be added each calendar year, and existing official events may be removed. * 9e1) The decision to add or remove an event is made by the WCA Board. * 9e2) The proposal to add an event is based on a poll about the popularity of new events. The poll is held each calendar year in January and February, on the forum of the WCA website. * 9e3) The proposal to remove an event is done by selecting the event with a low number of competitors in the previous calendar year. The proposal is made each calendar year in February, on the forum of the WCA website. The important thing is how the WCA Board will implement these rules. The polls for introducing new and remove old events are the information that the Board should base their decisions on, but they appear to have the freedom of not following the implications of the polls. The introduction of a new event and (in particular) the removal of an old event are serious matters involving strong feelings. I ask the WCA Board to clarify how they intend to implement rules 9e). And how they intend to get the great part of our cubing society that are not so fluent in English to take part in the discussions. /Anders
Dene (2008-11-19 21:32:44 +0000)
The problem with a poll is that a lot of people can vote for it, but have no intention of participating. I would vote for keeping multiBLD, for example, because I think it is an exciting event, but I am not interested in trying it (or at least, not past 2 cubes).