Paralyzed Competitor

pjk (2008-03-06 05:07:47 +0000)
I have a quick question. I have a friend who is paralyzed; he can barely move the fingers in his hands. He can solve the cube in around 7 minutes (he can do it in 3:00 on the computer, using the clickable keyboard - he can't type, but he can slowly move a mouse). I highly doubt he is able to stop a stackmat timer. He has to remain in a wheelchair, so he cannot lean over to pick up the cube, etc. How does the WCA deal with this if this person wants to compete? Is it possible to have someone hold the cube if he tells the moves, or someone rotate the cube for him during pre-inspection, or someone stop the stackmat timer for him? I am curious about this. Thanks in advance. -Pat
Ron (2008-03-06 05:17:11 +0000)
2t) For competitors with physical disabilities, judges may give help with starting and stopping the timer.
pjk (2008-03-06 14:08:56 +0000)
Okay, thanks. However, any rules behind that? What if the judge stops the timer and the person does 1 more move? I am guessing it isn't too strict.