Proposal: Head-to-Head Live Fewest-Moves Event

Gilles (2007-05-29 14:16:30 +0000)
Fewest-moves competitions are not attractive because: - There's nothing to see. - The audience fells asleep after 2 minutes. - Results come late, and they're only numbers on a paper. - Competitors cube alone. - It's not a show. - I like them as a competitor only. Otherwise, they're sooo booooring! That's why the following format could be very interesting: - 2 competitors at a time on the scene with a judge (8 competitors and 4 judges is possible to speed up qualification rounds). - They're given the same scramble. - They must solve their cube in a minimum of moves. (1) Judge tells competitor 1 "OK". (2) Competitor 1 has T seconds to make a move. A face turn that can be clearly seen by the judge. (3) Judge tells competitor 2 "OK". (4) Competitor 2 has T seconds to make a move. (5) If a competitor has solved the cube, he wins. If both have, it's a draw. Otherwise, go to (1). When a competitor takes a long to decide, it's an advantage for the opponent too. Strategy?.. ;-) The principle of elimination would make the event attractive. There are some rough edges like penalties (when time goes out, or if the judge things a competitors performed 2 moves instead of 1) and scrambles (when identical scrambles, should we ask for competitor 2 to start with a different first move for example?), but I think it could work. For it to be a success, we would need 2 things: - People interested in fewest-moves solving (not just speed demons and blind guys). - Enough time in some competitions (but I think that's not the problem given the time allowed to multi-bld events!). With T=15s, and given that the last moves are much faster, a solve would last about 10 minutes. With 16 competitors and 4 rounds (16, 8, 4, 2), we could have a nice knock-out competition in less than 1 hour, a competition on scene B that does not require stackmats. Variants can be imagined, like having 3 competitors instead of 2. Or qualification after 2 wins to leverage the luck factor. Or a lot more competitors together and keep the best half each round. Etc.
perfredlund (2007-05-31 13:59:57 +0000)
Nice idea but i guess this will take way too long to complete if there are many contestants. And how to set up the knockout format if the number of participants is not a power of 2? Walkovers in first round? Hmmm ... I do agree that fewest moves is boring to watch. But with all respeect so can also be said about standard chess, unless you are a true fan and have some knowledge of chess :wink: -Per
BryanLogan (2007-06-01 16:18:00 +0000)
Have the same contest as before, but when the competitors are done, have all of them come to a table and have a judge say "Turn", wait 5 seconds, "Turn", wait 5 seconds, etc until someone holds up their solved cube. Once that's done, a judge comes over to verify their solution and length (to make sure they didn't sneak in two moves), and declare the winner.
Adam Zamora (2007-06-05 23:24:30 +0000)
this sounds like it should be fun. its like speed fewest moves. i think maybe we can incorporate a chess timer into this as well. that way you can have a given amount of time in order to finish the solve. maybe 10 minutes. thats one move every 10 secs and an average solve of 60 moves.
edwardb (2008-05-26 00:21:28 +0000)
If you have a number of competitors that is not a power of 2, you could seed competitors who are already ranked and give them a BYE. So if you have 14 competitors, and 3 are already ranked, the 2 that are ranked the highest will get to skip the first round. Alternatively, you could have some sort of qualification round, but I don't know how that would work. Sincerely, Edward