Incident at Big Apple Spring 2016

WDC (2016-09-28 21:28:27 +0000)
Dear Community, During Big Apple Spring 2016, a competitor was intentionally twisting corners during official solves. The judges did not seemed to be well-trained and either did not see or did not realise there was a problem. A video was released that makes it clear that the twisting was intentional. After investigation, it was clear that the competitor and their parents did not realise that this was not allowed and had always solved with intentional twisting in practise as well. Because we are sure that this is the case, the only action taken was to DNF the affected solves. Please bear in mind that you must pay full attention while judging to avoid these kind of situations occurring, and of course intentional corner twisting is not allowed unless it is to fix a previous unintentional corner twist. Regards, WCA Disciplinary Committee
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