Square-1 SAR single at Torneo Nacional Colombia 2016

Pedro_S (2016-05-28 15:26:30 +0000)
Dear WCA Community At Torneo Nacional Colombia 2016, competitor David Rojas Herrera ([url:259raixj]https://www.worldcubeassociation.org/results/p.php?i=2015HERR11[/url:259raixj]) achieved a new South-American record for Square-1 single solve, with a time of 7.74 seconds. After deep analysis of videos from the competition and the scramble states, it was determined that David's solve had an incorrect scramble. Since Square-1 is a puzzle in which the scramble state plays a big role in the solve, and scrambles mistakes are often related to missing moves at the end, resulting in an easier solve, and since David asked the WCA Board that the solve did not count anymore, we have decided to make this solve a DNF. We thank all involved in the process and would like to emphasize the importance of scramblers' diligence and awareness when performing scrambles at official competitions. Pedro Santos on behalf of the WCA Board
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