Incidents in blindfolded events at Spanish competitions

WDC (2016-05-18 21:02:28 +0000)
Dear Community, A competitor (under 18 years old) has been found guilty of cheating during various blindfolded attempts at different competitions. The competitor made suspicious efforts to avoid close supervision from delegates or experienced judges during attempts, and managed some impressive results during these solves. There was also strange behaviour during the execution phase, as if trying to avoid the judge's sight-blocker. On attempts that were observed especially closely by delegates, the solves and final results did not make any sense for someone who had produced very impressive results on other days. Upon further investigation by the WDC, their knowledge and observed attempts also did not match up to the official results gained. The suspicious results have been disqualified, and the competitor given a 12 month ban from WCA competitions. Thank you to those who helped during this investigation. Regards, WCA Disciplinary Committee
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