Natán Riggenbach resigns from the WCA Board

Natan (2015-08-05 16:40:27 +0000)
This is from the email I sent out to WCA delegates, and WCA committees and teams. Forgive the lack of formality, and the inappropriate comments, but I post this here as I think a lot of it applies to WCA members in general. Hey people, I am going. Going as in resigning. I go with mixed feelings, the predominant one being thankfulness. There is also some guilt and a good amount of regret, but I am mostly happy, satisfied, and thankful for my stint here. I won’t elaborate on reasons; please accept my resignation because I have 3 young kids and live in a developing country. I am somewhat disappointed that I failed to serve for at least 2 full years. I am thankful to God that cubing came to me during a transitional period of my life, a sort of time when I was waiting for other things to happen and develop, and when I could afford to devote a lot of time to cubing. But that period is drawing to an end, apparently, and there are countless things that demand my attention now, so that remaining a productive Board member is not a possibility anymore. Pride would make me feel guilty at leaving, but then I remember the WCA is in good hands. I mean, seriously, the WCA survived even when Ilkyoo went to the military for a month and only Ron and I were left to deal with Board matters. So, when I remember there are 4 awesome guys in charge now, and they have the collective support of you all, I don’t feel guilty anymore :) Still, I feel bad that there are those of you out there that keep contributing year after year, and I am retiring after so little. I regret not having done more for the WCA. My limited abilities have kept my contributions to the more menial tasks. I intend to remain on the Results team and as a delegate so that I can somewhat repay society for all the drugs I sold to school kids in my day. Just kidding about selling drugs in the past. I am only now looking into that :P But yeah, cubing has been overly good to me. For those who didn’t see the video shown at Worlds, I went from zero to Board member and organizer of WC2015 way too fast. And I am most thankful it was like that, as I couldn’t have enjoyed this if it had taken longer. I joined the Board reluctantly and with a lot of apprehension because of my limited skills, but I think I fared decently (and I now leave with a sense of satisfaction) thanks to the patient support I received from everybody here. Sébastien took me in and taught me a lot, and everybody was super cool and understanding of my shortcomings. Thank you all guys for making me feel comfortable in your high company, and for not letting me fail too much :) So, please be happy with me at my hasta luego. Be happy that we are all a bunch of special people making the world a better place, and be happy that cubing has brought us all together. My children don’t want to retire, and I will hopefully see and meet many of you at competitions as time goes by. Also, you are most welcome to visit us in Peru. Skips! -Natán