Montgròs Open 2015

Natan (2015-03-20 17:24:33 +0000)
Dear Community, From the delegate report and some video evidence for Montgròs Open 2015, we feel that WCA regulations and standards were not upheld to the point that we have been very close to rejecting the results submitted. Some instances that show the gravity of the irregularities are as follows: 1. The competition took place in 2 rooms, with the delegate overseeing only one of the rooms. Unfortunately, the other room was run by people not adequate for the task. 2. Video evidence shows that scorecards were used for cube covers in the second room. This is a serious breach of regulation A2c1. 3. The delegate spent a good part of the competition scrambling due to lack of cooperation from competitors. This may not be bad in itself, but combined with point 1, will surely result in poor supervision of the competition. 4. Because of lack of judges, little children were asked and taught to judge. Although this may even be desirable at times, given points 1 and 3, it was a decision that potentially compromised the integrity of the results. We intend this announcement to serve as a wake-up call to WCA members in general. Organizers need to make sure they abide by the WCA regulations for their results to be accepted. Competitors need to be better able and willing to contribute to the administration of competitions. It is also the responsibility of the whole community to know the regulations reasonably well, and to contact competition delegates when irregularities are observed. The WCA is growing ever more, and it takes a coordinated effort to uphold its standards, spirit, and goal. We urge every member to contribute to the fun "under fair and equal conditions". -Natán Riggenbach on behalf of the WCA Board
gagou9 (2015-03-22 14:24:53 +0000)
Quickly translated into french and posted on the french community forum.