Farewell IAC, welcome WDC

Natan (2013-10-02 03:46:28 +0000)
After faithfully serving the WCA as leader of the Independent Advisory Committee for many years, Anders Larsson presented his resignation in September of this year. The WCA will ever be thankful for Anders' great contributions and the way he resolved many disagreeable incidents. On top of all his help, Anders prepared a proposal for the creation of the WCA Disciplinary Committee (WDC) which would be formed to replace the IAC upon his resignation. Acting on his advice, the WDC has been implemented. Due to his outstanding contributions to speedcubing, Daniel Sheppard was asked to lead it; and he graciously accepted the position. Daniel swiftly added to the team two more people of good standing and contribution to the speedcubing community: Rob Stuart and Tomoaki Okayama. The WCA is thus pleased to announce the establishment and commissioning of the WCD as of today. Any matters relating to incidents requiring disciplinary action or investigation beyond the capabilities of the WCA Board will hence be referred to the WDC. We take the opportunity to thank and acknowledge Anders once more and also to thank the members of the WDC for the good work they will surely do, and to wish them success whenever their help is requested. Natán Riggenbach WCA Board Member