Thievery at Moscow Summer 2013

Sebastien (2013-06-28 01:49:34 +0000)
Dear Community, Anton Rostovikov, WCA delegate from Russia, reported that multiple puzzles were stolen during the Moscow Summer 2013 competition on June 16th in Moscow, Russia. After reviewing video footage from the competition, the WCA Board received clear evidence that [competitor, under 18 years of age] is guilty of stealing at least one puzzle from another competitor during the competition. Confronted with the video evidence, [competitor] has admitted to stealing puzzles from other competitors at Moscow Summer 2013. The WCA finds that [competitor] acted in a malicious way and behaved contrary the spirit of the WCA. Due to this action, the WCA prohibits the [competitor] from participating in any WCA events. The ban on [competitor's] participation in WCA events will be lifted December 31, 2013 on condition that [competitor] returns the stolen puzzle and personally apologizes to its owner. The WCA urges all WCA members to respect the spirit of the WCA, to respect someone else's property and to directly report to the WCA delegate whenever a similar act is witnessed during a competition. Best regards, Sébastien Auroux World Cube Association Board Member Supported by: Anton Rostovikov, Ron van Bruchem, Timothy Reynolds, Tyson Mao
bella1li12013 (2013-07-30 05:04:08 +0000)
Through i]m fond of cube,i do not crazy about it,let alone in competition.