TNoodle - New WCA scrambler

Lucas (2012-07-11 04:55:03 +0000)
Jeremy Fleischman has made [url=]a post at[/url:1iayn9p3] about TNoodle, a new scrambling program for WCA events. The latest development version is [url=]TNoodle 0.6.3[/url:1iayn9p3] (In an effort to keep the developments of the new regulations open, I'm linking to the thread from here.) There will be two important changes in 2012 related to scrambling: - TNoodle will become the only official scrambler. Once it is, it *must* be used to generate all official scrambles. - All official scrambles used in WCA competitions must be saved and sent to the WCA along with the delegate report. TNoodle is an open-source program built with the help of many people, and anyone is welcome to help improve it by providing constructive comments or by contributing code at [url=]GitHub[/url:1iayn9p3]. If you have any thoughts about this soon-to-be-official scrambler, please share them here or discuss them at