WDC report on a case of harassment

Announced by Sebastiano Tronto on

Dear WCA community,

The Disciplinary Committee has recently concluded an incident involving the misconduct of a competitor. Since this person used to be a WCA delegate, our investigation has been preceded by the decision of the Ethics Committee to demote them from their official position. We have prepared a public report of our investigation and we would like to share it with you.

The report discusses the topic of sexual harassment, therefore it may not be suitable for all readers. Although it is unpleasant to bring up such a topic, we think it is important for the community to know that the WCA reacts firmly to these kind of actions.

We support everyone who has been the victim of harassment or other improper behavior. If you have ever been in an uncomfortable position during a WCA event, we encourage you to talk about it with your local community representatives or with the WDC.

You can find the report of the aforementioned investigation here.

On behalf of the disciplinary committee,
Sebastiano Tronto

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