WDC Monthly Digest - March & April 2019

Announced by Lorenzo Vigani Poli on

Dear WCA Community,

Here you can find some noteworthy updates about the activity of the Disciplinary Committee over the months of March and April 2019.

In March, the WDC actively worked on 4 investigations: 2 were opened in March and 2 were already ongoing.
In April, the WDC has actively worked on 8 investigations: 2 were the ones that began in March and 6 were opened in April.
Two of these cases are currently on hold, because the Committee has to wait for future developments in order to proceed with its work. The other ongoing investigations are quite complex and are expected to require the attention of the Committee for some time, since the matters under investigation don’t involve simple violations of WCA Regulations.

Even though there are no public announcements in this digest, the WDC would like to stress out that potential cases should be communicated directly to the Disciplinary Committee, without indulging in misinformed speculation online. This attitude only leads to the spreading of false information and, potentially, to cases of online bullying, especially when very young competitors are involved in allegations of intentionally breaking the WCA Regulations.

The WCA strongly condemn every form of bullying and promotes an environment of respect and cooperation. This applies both to officially sanctioned WCA Competitions and to the community online.

To conclude, we would like to remind everyone to make sure they fully understand the WCA Regulations and competition procedures. If you have any questions or are unsure about how to do something, please do not hesitate to ask the Delegate(s) of the competition. In addition, if you think the competition results are being compromised in any way or see suspicious behavior, find the nearest delegate immediately and report the incident.

Thank you all for your help in supporting the WCA Spirit and Mission.

Lorenzo Vigani Poli
WDC Team Leader
On behalf of the Disciplinary Committee

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