WCA action regarding situation in Ukraine (March 2022)

Announced by Rui Reis on

Dear WCA Community,

We have been following the recent developments in Ukraine with shock. The WCA Board along with the rest of our community are hoping for a swift and peaceful resolution to the current situation. We additionally wish for the safety of members of the WCA community who have been unknowingly caught in this conflict.

Over the past few days the WCA Board has had discussions on the feasibility of upcoming events in the region and has approved the following action:

All upcoming and future events in Belarus and Russia will not be recognised by the WCA. This includes the two currently scheduled events to be held in Russia in March. Additionally no further events will be announced in Belarus or Russia until further notice.

The WCA Board would like to stress this decision has not been made lightly. In this decision we are choosing to follow recommendations set forth by the International Olympic Committee Executive Board on February 25, 2022.

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