Updating the Official List of Approved Timers (October 2021)

Announced by Lauren Clement on

After a few months of feedback and review, the WCA Regulations Committee (WRC) and the WCA Board have decided to update the official list of approved timer versions (see Regulation 7f1a). The following changes will take effect:

  • Speed Stacks Stackmat timer Generation 5 will be approved alongside 2022 Regulations.
  • Speed Stacks Stackmat timer Generation 2 will no longer be an approved timer alongside 2023 Regulations.

The Generation 2 Timers have to be removed to address some concerns about Stackmat timer malfunctions. A grace period of over one year will be granted to allow the communities that still use these timers to make the arrangements to replace them.

At the same time, this update on the list of approved timers will bring more opportunities to organizers and WCA Delegates.

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